Sound Absorbing Acoustic Wall Panels and Tiles

Sound reducing and noise reduction panels for your walls and ceilings

Installing sound-absorbing panels on your walls and ceilings in your business achieves so much more than reducing noise in your workspace.

Acoustic panels will enhance the quality of sound in your commercial space by absorbing excess noises, like fans clicking and printers beeping, and eliminating voices echoing throughout your space.

How do you make acoustic sound-absorbing panels?

Sound is a form of kinetic energy, and acoustic sound-absorbing panels are compressed materials designed to trap this kinetic energy. Removing sound completely is not feasible, however sound absorbing-panels absorb soundwaves and reduce the amount of sound present in a space.

The average commercial space has noise levels that range from 60-80 decibels, which is well above the recommended level of 45-55 decibels. Acoustic panels help bring the noise levels below the recommended level to reduce employee distractions and increase productivity.

Acoustic panels can be constructed from a range of materials including polyester, naturally occurring minerals, timber and fabric. For those with a sustainable focus, many acoustic panels contain recycled materials and are recyclable.

What is the best material for sound absorption?

A wall is usually constructed from dense materials that will reflect noise and make it reverberate around the room, which is not ideal for a quiet work environment. Acoustic panels use softer, porous materials like foam and fabric which absorb this sound, reduce echoes and reverberation and effectively lower background noise.

Polyester is a commonly used sound-absorbing material. Polyester is very versatile and can be created into many different forms of absorptive products, including wall panels, ceiling panels and baffles. Most acoustic polyester products are made from partly recycled PET, making them an environmentally-friendly and sustainable option.

Acoustic mineral wool is a useful sound-reducing material, commonly used as an insulation behind a more decorative finish. For example behind fabric wrapped panels, or perforated timber boards.

The Avenue Interior Systems range of sound-absorbing products

You can choose from a wide range of acoustic sound absorbing options for your commercial space, including different colours and styles to suit your personality and space itself.

All of our wallcoverings are designed for longevity. They’re moisture resistant, impact resistant, and low maintenance so they will give you many years of acoustic sound-absorbing benefits while looking great. Check out some of the options available at Avenue Interior Systems, including:

ECO Wall: The perfect option for those with a sustainable focus as these panels use sound-absorbent products made from 100 per cent recycled polyester fibre.

Calando Panels: The perfect option for when you want total creative control over your soundproofing solutions. These simple polyester panels can be fixed to any wall or ceiling and covered in Calando Fabrics that are available to match your colour scheme in your space.

Take a look at these options and see how seamlessly they will create a quiet and aesthetically pleasing space for your office or classroom. Give our professional team a call to discuss your options and to organise a quote on acoustic sound-absorbing solutions for your business.