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Consulting rooms

Acoustic treatment for consulting rooms

If patient communication with the care team is audible outside the examination room, this can breach privacy and create distrust.

If by chance you heard another patient's conversation with their doctor while waiting for your appointment, it may make you less likely to fully confide your concerns.

Favourable acoustics are evident if you walk past a consultation room, or are sitting in an adjacent room, and cannot hear the conversation inside.

Good acoustics give the perception of privacy, comfort, safety and security for patients and their families. In contrast, poor acoustics have the opposite effect, meaning some patients may avoid consultations with their doctor, increasing the chances of admission to care facilities.

The solution to poor acoustics

Installing absorbent acoustic products is the best way to improve acoustics in the health industry. This acoustic treatment lowers reverberation (the noise bouncing around the space) and allows everyone to communicate easily without raising their voices to be heard over the noise.

Some products we may recommend include: