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Improving the video calling experience with acoustic solutions

Reverberation minimised with decorative soundproofing

In the last couple of years, Zoom meetings have become our lifeline. And that means the video calls’ audio quality has to be 100% to avoid miscommunication, frustration, and ultimately exhaustion.

The challenge

Our client BMA Coal was experiencing what many of us have in recent times: a severe echo when participating in Zoom meetings. The speaker’s voice echoed back to them and around the room, becoming so distracting that other participants in the discussion were missing critical comments.

With mostly hard surfaces in the room, the sound had nowhere to rest. That made it continually bounce around the room – and the more voices speaking, the more bouncing soundwaves there were.

To make matters worse, too much noise in a room triggers the Lombard effect, where people naturally increase their voice volume to hear themselves. The louder the room was getting with echo, the louder people spoke just to hear themselves.

BMA Coal contacted Avenue Interior Systems to create a solution for the uncomfortable space.

Acoustic fabric and acoustic wall tiles for office soundproofingThe Avenue Solution

Using photos of the impacted room, our Project Consultants created an acoustic solution for BMA. Avenue Interior Systems recommended two acoustic solutions for BMA: Calando acoustic fabric and ECO Wall tiles.

Calando acoustic fabric is a decorative soundproofing fabric for walls. The surfaces are hook and loop friendly and pin receptive, and the acoustic fabric is available in many colours – you can even custom print directly onto your Calando acoustic fabric.

ECOWall Panel is a sound absorbent panel that can be hung as wall panels or ceiling baffles, or suspended in a standard ceiling grid. Available in various sizes, colours and fabric finishes, ECOWall can double as a soundproofing solution and a notice board.

BMA Coal Blackwater opted for the Calando acoustic fabric and 36 individual 600×600 mm ECOWall tiles to apply to the noisy space. They selected Trevia CS fabric – made of 100% flame retardant fibres and yarns – and matched it to the company’s corporate colours.

Results by Avenue
As BMA Coal discovered with their noise control solution, acoustically treating a space doesn’t need to be boring! Avenue Interior Systems have many colours and custom options available. For your noise control solution, reach out to the team today on 1300 827 177.

We look forward to Designing Your Silence.