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Acoustic solutions for offices

Delivering Custom Office Soundproofing Solutions

It’s no surprise that noise can reduce cognitive performance and contribute to work errors. Studies also show that excessive workplace noise can lead to decreased productivity, illness, stress, fatigue, lower job satisfaction and declining morale.

According to one study, workers lose as much as 86 minutes per day due to noise distractions. These distractions may come from machine noise, such as a fan whirring or printer humming. Yet the most distracting noise to the human ear is conversation.

Anything from colleagues on the phone or a meeting taking place nearby, to laughter or even someone exclaiming in annoyance can be distracting to workers.

Avenue Interior Systems delivers office soundproofing solutions for quiet, productive and safe workplaces.

A quiet workplace is a productive workplace. And the right acoustic office walls are an essential health and safety requirement.

The Avenue team understand the importance of acoustics in an efficient and productive workplace. Talk to us about our range of solutions designed to assist in achieving optimal acoustic control for your office.

Modern boardrooms are beautiful spaces designed to foster discussions and creative problem solving. However, modern design isn’t always conducive to quality acoustics.

Modern meeting rooms are often beautiful spaces that foster great discussions and creative problem solving. However, the important role of acoustics in creating a comfortable and suitable room for business meetings is often misunderstood.

A critical mistake when setting up open plan offices is failing to consider how conversations and noise travel in an open space, and how people interact while working.

Individual offices are increasingly becoming a precious commodity reserved for people who need privacy for their work. However, simply having walls doesn’t guarantee privacy or the ability to focus.

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