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Open office

Acoustic treatment for open plan offices

Research indicates 25-30% of employees who work in an open plan office complain about the acoustics.

This dissatisfaction stems from the design of the modern open plan office, which features primarily hard surfaces such as exposed ceiling beams, concrete and glass.

Acoustic tuning of an open plan office aims to get the right balance between ambient noise for privacy and quiet for speech intelligibility. Treatments can be customised and creative, ensuring a modern, architectural space maintains its aesthetics.

The solution to poor acoustics

Installing absorbent acoustic products is the best way to improve acoustics in open offices. This acoustic treatment lowers reverberation (the noise bouncing around the space) and allows everyone to communicate easily without raising their voices to be heard over the noise.

Some products we may recommend include:

  • Calando Panel, for use on walls and ceilings
  • Calando One Panel is the perfect solution if you’re seeking simplicity, aesthetics, and acoustic control in your space
  • ECO Wall is a versatile, environmentally friendly, sound-absorbent panel made from 100% recycled polyester fibres.