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Explore authentic testimonials from our valued customers, sharing their honest feedback and experiences.
Acoustic treatment on the ceiling of a staff room.

Key Motors

We have installed the panels in our lunch room and they work very well.

Jubilee Christian College

I ended up not using the threshold plate as the bottom door seal does a good job and reaches without it. I did some basic tests with a phone app audio meter and ran it before and after with a noticeable drop in DB’s. The human test was also done at the same time with most activities in the room now being much harder to hear. So in short, success!

Brightly coloured custom acoustic treatment on the walls of the Endeavour Foundation, designed to absorb sound waves and reduce noise levels, creating a more comfortable and conducive environment for employees and clients.

Endeavour Foundation

Sometimes you’d go home with a headache just from the sheer noise. That doesn’t happen anymore. Doing programs was quite a challenge. The tiles on the walls and ceiling have helped a lot with the sound – 100%! It’s a great solution.

St Philomena School

We had quite a complex issue of unwanted noise entering a breakout classroom. The expert advice we received, resulted in purchasing an acoustic door seal, which has worked wonders.
From my initial phone call to the product’s arrival, it was a very speedy process. The ladies in admin were highly professional and friendly to deal with.
We will use Avenue Interior Systems again in the future.
Many thanks.

Custom Calando Panels on the walls of a lecture room

Brisbane School of Theology

I really appreciated the clear communication and willingness of the Avenue staff to work through ideas to come up with a great outcome. They were particularly helpful in coming up with creative responses and ideas to gain a good-looking and practical outcome.

I was very happy with the prompt service as well as the creative options that were made available to us. We are really happy with the outcome of the install. It is both aesthetic and great at reducing the sound deflection.

Acoustic Panels installed on the ceiling of a community centre

Salvation Army

This space is now pleasant to be in and talk in, the treatment is very positive.

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles in a restaurant

Hecho En Mexico

Really happy with the service and performance of the product we got… very professional and helpful team to deal with… would highly recommend!!

Striking and vibrant acoustic panels adorning the walls of a welcoming foyer area in a church.

New Life Christian Church

We are all very happy as we can now talk to each other using our normal voice, not shouting to try and make ourselves heard.  There is still the airborne noise from the people sitting a couple of metres or so away but that is to be expected.  There is no echo.

Boardroom with colourful acoustic tiles on the wall.

Wingecarribee Shire Council

The board room is one of the most sort after rooms in our build with it great acoustic properties and warm feel.

Acoustic ceiling panels for a health care facility

Department of Health Tasmania

The soundproofing is fantastic. The noticeable benefits for our patients has been widely noted. The install by Stan was very professional and to a high standard.

Calando Panel on the ceiling of a boardroom

Sunshine Mitre10

Just a follow up note to thank you for your prompt attention to our project at Nambour. Your installers were excellent and did and amazing job, the finished product not only makes the room serviceable now due to the echo being all but eliminated, but also aesthetically the panels with the shadow-line joint finishes of the room off perfectly.

Strategically implemented acoustic control measures in an open classroom, optimising sound quality and fostering an ideal learning environment.

Richmond Primary School

The advice and service made the task of fixing a room that had very poor acoustics so simple. The room in question is used as a junior primary science (STEM) room. The impact the products have made is outstanding and we are now looking at doing the same in multiple classrooms as high noise levels impacts effective teaching. Thanks for solving an important issue so easily.

Acoustic treatment on the walls and ceiling of a classroom.

OneSchool Global - Toowoomba

The acoustic panels have been very effective for our Zoom lessons.
Previous, one of the teachers could only use the sound out of their computer due to the reverberation when using the Video Conferencing (VC) unit for mic and speakers. Now the VC unit is used and the sound is much better.
It has created a better learning environment and you can instantly notice the difference when you enter the room as there is little to no echo caused anymore.

Music classroom featuring a variety of drums and guitars, with acoustic treatments.

Toowoomba Grammar School

We recently engaged Avenue Interior Systems to install Acoustic Panels and an Acoustic Drop & Surround Door Seal Set to an Instrumental Tuition and Practice room which is located beside an office. The project consultant, Katelyn, was efficient and professional in her dealings with us, making the process seamless from quoting to the completed installation. The panels and door set have made a huge difference to the acoustics of the room and to the comfort levels of the staff working beside the room. Noise levels are more tolerable and the door seal in particular has meant that there is far less spill of sound into adjoining areas of the building. An added bonus of the panelling is that the room has become far more useful for sound recording projects, a possibility which hadn’t been considered at the time of installation. The panelling also looks great, covering the painted brick walls to give a clean, fresh appearance. We will definitely be using Avenue Interior Systems for further work as we continue to improve our rooms and facilities.

Black acoustic wall panels installed behind the television in a beautifully designed boardroom to enhance the sound quality and reduce noise levels.

Edge Marketing

We had a boardroom which looked fantastic but was almost unusable due to the acoustics, which was incredibly frustrating. I found it hard to believe we could get it to the level we wanted/needed without a complete overhaul which would have seriously changed the look and feel of our show-piece. Avenue interiors understood our needs for functionality and aesthetics and to our absolute delight and surprise they nailed it!! The look, feel and functionality has completely exceeded our expectations. Could not recommend A.I. enough for addressing our needs in an incredibly efficient and cost-effective manner.

White acoustic panels were installed on the ceiling of a coworking space with a U-shaped desk setup.


We hired Avenue Interior Systems to install ceiling panels in our event spaces as we needed to fix the echo in our space. We have concrete walls and glass operable walls so the echo was pretty bad and was putting our clients off. As our walls have art on them we needed a discreet solution that would also not be a trip hazard (carpets), so we found Avenue Interior Systems who were able to offer us a perfect solution and install their white ceiling panels. We are extremely happy with the result and all the echo is gone. Thank you so much and we would highly recommend Avenue IS 🙂

An image of a waiting room in a medical center featuring large windows covered in acoustic fabric. The fabric on the windows serves as a sound-absorbing material, reducing the ambient noise and creating a quieter and more peaceful environment for patients waiting for their appointments

Chevron Advanced Medical

We installed acoustic felt against our windows, which doubles up as a pinboard. It was a very a professional job and looks great too. Thank you – from the team at Chevron Advanced Medical.

Strategically placed acoustic baffles on the ceiling of a boardroom, providing effective sound absorption and control to create a focused and acoustically balanced environment for productive meetings and discussions.

Westbuilt Homes

We used Avenue Interiors to supply some ceiling baffles in our board room and we chose to install them ourselves. We found their service exceptional from start to finish. Delivered in full, in spec and on time. They supplied all the parts to install the baffles on an existing raked ceiling .The baffles definitely sorted the sound issues we were having! I would highly recommend this company and well worth spending the money. Good work Avenue Interiors!

Expertly applied acoustic treatment on the walls and ceiling of a vibrant coffee shop, ensuring optimal sound quality and creating a pleasant acoustic environment for customers to enjoy conversations and music without excessive noise reverberation.

Pump Coffee

Very impressed. The wall panels blend in well with the surroundings, and the treatment has made a noticeable difference. Problem solved.

Versatile and interactive pinnable acoustic fabric covering the walls of a kindergarten classroom.

Numurkah Kindergarten

It’s fantastic! It makes a massive difference to the noise level in the room; it’s become a workable environment. The office feels warmer and quieter to work in. We’re very happy, so pleased we got it done and completed so quickly and easily. It’s been a great asset to our childcare and kindergarten program.

Calando One acoustic panel adds a pop of color to office walls while reducing noise.

Luca Solutions

It looks great! Really good. Everything worked well, and they were easy to install.

Bright green Acoustic Fabric wall covering in a medical practice

InMotion Group

Very happy with the felt installed on our walls. It looks great and the process was easy and stress free, which is important as a busy business.

AIS Calando Panels on the roof of a church foyer

C3 Monash

Overall very happy with the installation of the panels. They have made a marked difference to sound quality in our foyer without the need to consider wall panels which is great. I was also very happy with the way the request for refitting one of the panels (due to creasing) was handled. I appreciated your understanding regarding the need for the panels to look as good as they performed and undertaking to refit the panel in question at no additional cost to us.

Vibrant and visually appealing acoustic tiles adorning the walls of an office space.

Australian Olympic Committee

The treatments are fantastic and have made such a difference with the acoustics in both rooms. The coloured panels look amazing on the wall, and we’ve had a number of positive comments about them.