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Calando Timber

Calando Timber is a highly versatile acoustic system that can be seamlessly integrated into any interior space due to its adaptable channel and clip system. It comes in a range of styles, including Calando Timber Panel, Calando Timber Raft, Calando Timber Batten, and Calando Timber Panel.

This innovative design provides you with complete control over each component's height, spacing, and positioning, allowing you to customise the acoustic system to your specific needs. Made from 100% polyester fibre, Calando Timber is both lightweight and durable. Its construction is meticulous and engineered to be finely tuned to different spaces, providing custom acoustic absorption that spans a broad spectrum of frequencies.


Sound absorbing material made from 100% polyester with aluminium channel for fixing
Panel dimensions
2400 mm with custom lengths available.
12 mm | 24 mm | 25 mm
Sound Absorption – NRC
0.45 – 0.85