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Hire venues

Acoustic treatment for hire venues

A venue with good acoustics can be a valuable selling point and help attract more bookings.

When selecting a venue for a special occasion, whether a wedding, birthday or work function, most people consider a venue’s location, aesthetics, size and acoustics.

You can have the best location, the prettiest venue, and the perfect size for a function, but you may lose the booking if the acoustics are lacking.

Optimal acoustics are capable of transforming a good venue into a perfect one, ensuring that special moments are heard, enjoyed and cherished forever.

The solution to poor acoustics

The best way to improve acoustics in a hire venue (such as a hall or conference centre) is to install absorbent acoustic products. This acoustic treatment lowers reverberation (the noise bouncing around the space) and allows everyone to communicate easily without raising their voices to be heard over the noise.

Some products we may recommend include: