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Acoustic treatment for hospitality venues

In recent years the number of complaints about restaurant noise has increased. In fact, noise is now the second most common complaint among restaurant-goers – second only to poor service!

It’s not just an opinion. Science proves that significant noise levels actually reduce a person's ability to detect sweet and salty foods – which means that some meals may not be enjoyable if the environment is too loud.

Restaurant owners like a certain level of noise in their restaurants to create an atmosphere and 'buzz'. Yet too much noise can become uncomfortable and frustrating – both for customers and staff.

As a venue operator, you understand the need for your venue to cater for various different functions and events. But are your acoustics on point?

Of course, restaurants are designed for a certain noise level to help create ambience. However, while great for cleanability, the modern minimalist design doesn’t cater for good acoustics. Restaurants lose business because their spaces are too loud when patrons cannot speak or be heard without yelling.

Hospitality industry workers, especially those who work in pubs or nightclubs, are often exposed to hazardous levels of noise. This puts them at risk of permanent hearing damage.

Café owners have a lot to consider regarding acoustics: catering for everything from comfortable conversations amongst patrons and easy instructions between staff, to making sure their space is quiet enough for the writer in the corner or the entrepreneur holding a zoom meeting.

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