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Reducing reverberation in a learning and lifestyle facility

Endeavour Foundation enjoys improved acoustics

The worst part about going to work was how noisy the areas were – especially the dining area. We had to hide in the pantry to talk to each other.” – Endeavour Foundation Employee

The Endeavour Foundation is a for-purpose organisation supporting people with an intellectual disability. Their Toowoomba Learning and Lifestyle Facility experienced noise issues in the dining room and multipurpose activity and workshop areas.

The CBC Group works with many private and public sector assets, including several government departments contracts, large-scale aged care facilities and Endeavour. CBC Group approached Avenue Interior Systems for acoustic treatment of the facility.

The challenge

Of the three spaces impacted by excessive noise, the dining area was the most reverberant. Located between the two activity rooms, the dining area has hard walls and floors, and high ceilings. This meant that, when filled with customers and staff at mealtimes, the team couldn’t hear themselves think, let alone hear other staff members. The pantry became their haven to converse about the needs of their customers!

While not as reverberant as the dining area, the other communal spaces had similar problems. An excited squeal from a customer while playing a game would bounce around the area causing discomfort for others.

Not only was the excessive noise causing staff to have sore throats and headaches from speaking over high volumes, it also negatively impacted customers. People with an intellectual disability tend to be more sensitive to noise, which leads to anxiety, agitation, and acting out.

The team at Endeavour Toowoomba brought their noise concern to the attention of CBC Group, who put the solution out for tender – which Avenue Interior Systems inevitably won.

The Avenue Solution

Avenue’s Project Consultant visited the site to determine the best solution for the Endeavour Foundation’s staff and customers.

The recommended acoustic solution was to cover a high percentage of the ceiling with a 25mm Calando Panel – our highest absorbency acoustic panel – and sections of the walls with custom cut and fabric faced Calando Panel.

The combination of ceiling and wall absorbency reduces the amount of sounding moving around in the space.

Why Calando Panel?

Offering maximum sound absorption, Calando Panels are sophisticated acoustic polyester panels for application to walls or ceiling surfaces. Available in white, black, or grey, they can also be custom covered with any Calando Rise fabric to suit your corporate colour scheme – all while maintaining high noise control properties. The panels are also durable and easy to clean.

Results Achieved by Avenue

“I didn’t realise it was noise control – I thought it was colourful textured art!” – feedback from visiting Endeavour Employee.

Endeavour’s staff are happier and find conversing in the dining space much easier. The excited chatter in the activity rooms is less piercing thanks to the absorption added to the walls and ceilings. Since installing the panels, the staff haven’t complained of sore throats or headaches caused by speaking over high volumes.

Customers are less agitated, and like the texture of the wall panels. Not only have the soundproofing panels improved the acoustics in the rooms, they have also created visual interest.

Staff who were away before installation have noticed the improvement once they have returned to work. Even visitors to the facility are commenting on the different looks and feel of the space.

If you have an open space that needs hard-wearing acoustic treatment, contact the team at Avenue Interior Systems today on 1300 827 177.

We look forward to Designing Your Silence.