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Avenue Interior Systems specialises in highly effective noise reduction and sound absorbing panels for walls and ceilings in commercial and educational spaces. We benefit from the backing and knowledge of the expert Flexshield team, which means we can bring extensive experience and know-how when solving your commercial acoustic challenges.

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A wide range of quality Acoustics

We believe noise control doesn’t need to be boring and hidden away – yet equally we can ensure it blends in to your environment if preferred. We are always looking at ways to ensure that our growing list of clients will benefit from our extensive range of functional and decorative acoustic wall panels and ceiling tiles, always offered with high-quality service and support.


Avenue Interior Systems create acoustic solutions for Offices, Classrooms, Cultural Centres and medical facilities.


Acoustic products for education


Acoustic treatment for hospitality venues


Acoustic treatment for medical facilities


Acoustic solutions for offices

Public Spaces

Acoustic treatment for public spaces

Who Are We?

Avenue Interior Systems head office and manufacturing facility is in Toowoomba. We are firmly a national company.

Avenue Interior Systems is the commercial acoustics division of Flexshield Group Pty Ltd. As part of the Group, we draw on a diverse team of professionals, including acoustic engineers, designers and technicians.

Avenue Interior Systems’ main focus is to educate our clients on the dangers and disruptions of commercial noise, while providing them with high-quality solutions to solve noise challenges. Some of the main industries that benefit from our sound absorbing panels include education, public spaces, offices, and health & medical.

Brightly coloured custom acoustic treatment on the walls of the Endeavour Foundation, designed to absorb sound waves and reduce noise levels, creating a more comfortable and conducive environment for employees and clients.

Our Clients

Acoustic treatment on the ceiling of a staff room.


We have installed the panels in our lunch room and they work very well.

Key Motors


I ended up not using the threshold plate as the bottom door seal does a good job and reaches without it. I did some basic tests with a phone app audio meter and ran it before and after with a noticeable drop in DB’s. The human test was also done at the same time with most activities in the room now being much harder to hear. So in short, success!

Jubilee Christian College
Brightly coloured custom acoustic treatment on the walls of the Endeavour Foundation, designed to absorb sound waves and reduce noise levels, creating a more comfortable and conducive environment for employees and clients.


Sometimes you’d go home with a headache just from the sheer noise. That doesn’t happen anymore. Doing programs was quite a challenge. The tiles on the walls and ceiling have helped a lot with the sound – 100%! It’s a great solution.

Endeavour Foundation


We had quite a complex issue of unwanted noise entering a breakout classroom. The expert advice we received, resulted in purchasing an acoustic door seal, which has worked wonders.
From my initial phone call to the product’s arrival, it was a very speedy process. The ladies in admin were highly professional and friendly to deal with.
We will use Avenue Interior Systems again in the future.
Many thanks.

St Philomena School
Custom Calando Panels on the walls of a lecture room


I really appreciated the clear communication and willingness of the Avenue staff to work through ideas to come up with a great outcome. They were particularly helpful in coming up with creative responses and ideas to gain a good-looking and practical outcome.

I was very happy with the prompt service as well as the creative options that were made available to us. We are really happy with the outcome of the install. It is both aesthetic and great at reducing the sound deflection.

Brisbane School of Theology
Acoustic Panels installed on the ceiling of a community centre


This space is now pleasant to be in and talk in, the treatment is very positive.

Salvation Army


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