For the ultimate in office noise control, Avenue Interior Systems offers a wide range of contemporary acoustic products perfectly suited to today's commercial applications.

Avenue Interior Systems provides functional and decorative solutions to commercial noise challenges.

Every space can be created, divided and re-thought due to the flexibility of the different systems and materials available. Our products meet the functional and aesthetic requirements of space planning, while being certified for their acoustic performance.

Avenue Interior Systems designs acoustically and aesthetically pleasing spaces through our application of quality attractive and effective acoustic products including our acoustic sound absorbing panels. We work with architects, interior designers and fitters to create areas that facilitate and enhance productivity, positivity and collaboration. We specialise in fit outs for open-plan offices and education facilities, and also provide solutions for sports centres, exhibition halls, libraries, showrooms, restaurants, banks and any other commercial building.

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The treatments are fantastic and have made such a difference with the acoustics in both rooms. The coloured panels look amazing on the wall and we’ve had a number of positive comments about them.

Australian Olympic Committee

We are all very happy as we can now talk to each other using our normal voice, not shouting to try and make ourselves heard. There is still the airborne noise from the people sitting a couple of metres or so away but that is to be expected. There is no echo.

New Life Christian Church

We noticed it the minute it went up. It makes a massive difference to the noise level in the room, it’s become a workable environment. It has stopped all the echo in the foyer – there was a group of parents in there this morning and there was no echo, the sound was dulled. It wasn’t dead, but it was dampened. The office feels warmer and quieter to work in. We’re very happy, so pleased we got it done and completed so quickly and easily. It’s been a great asset to our child care and kindergarten program.

Numurkah Kindergarten

The acoustic panels have been very effective in reducing the sound coming from the room. We have found the product very easy to use and install and the sound reduction certainly exceeded expectation.

Nursing Home, Wagga Wagga

Very happy with the ECOstrong Divider and ECOwall Panels!

High Court of Australia

The acoustic tiles have helped ensure the room feels more intimate. There are no windows and three of the four walls in the room are concrete which initially made the room feel cold and disengaging. The reduction in noise reverberation is noticeable so the tiles are doing their job.

Western Downs Regional Council

Overall very happy with the installation of the panels. They have made a marked difference to sound quality in our foyer without the need to consider wall panels which is great. I was also very happy with the way the request for refitting one of the panels (due to creasing) was handled. I appreciated your understanding regarding the need for the panels to look as good as they performed and undertaking to refit the panel in question at no additional cost to us.

C3 Monash

We installed acoustic felt against our windows, which doubles up as a pinboard. It was a very a professional job and looks great too. Thank you - from the team at Chevron Advanced Medical

Chevron Advanced Medical

I am very pleased with the design and finish of the ECOdesk panels. I’ve used the totems behind the speakers with good effect (tightened bass), and the larger panel behind the sofa at the listening position, which has been effective in reducing high frequency smear and improving the focus of the stereo image. It's definitely a step in the right direction.

Home Theatre

The Calando Panels have been very effective in reducing the reverberation.

Specialist Manufacturing Company

Very impressed. The wall panels blend in well with the surroundings, and the treatment has made a noticeable difference.

Pump Coffee

We used Avenue Interiors to supply some ceiling baffles in our board room and we chose to install them ourselves. We found their service exceptional from start to finish. Delivered in full, in spec and on time. They supplied all the parts to install the baffles on an existing raked ceiling .The baffles definitely sorted the sound issues we were having! I would highly recommend this company and well worth spending the money. Good work Avenue Interiors!

Westbuilt Homes

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