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Custom Calando Panel

Custom Calando Panel is very similar to the standard Calando Panel; the acoustic properties are the same as are many of the acoustic benefits.

The main difference between Calando Panel and Custom Calando Panel products?

Custom Calando Panel allows you to use your favourite photo or logo or add texture to the Panel. No more hiding your acoustic treatment in the background - Custom Calando Panels allow you to add your flair to your acoustic treatment.

Like Calando Panel - Custom Calando Panel can be used for walls and ceilings - and due to the product being microbial resistant, can be used from medical facilities to boardrooms to multipurpose halls.

Sound absorbing material made from polyester. Contains minimum 45% previously recycled polyester fibre (from PET bottle flake).
Panel dimensions
1200 mm x 2400 mm
25 mm | 50 mm | 75 mm | 100 mm
2300 gsm | 3800 gsm | 4050 gsm | 4300 gsm
Sound Absorption - NRC
0.85 - 1.00