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Hospital wards

Acoustic treatment for hospital wards

Studies have shown that high noise levels and poor acoustics in hospital wards can lead to increased stress, sleep disruption, and even delirium among patients.

Poor acoustics can contribute to compromised health through increased disturbance and intrusion, mainly through its effects on communication. Patients withhold important or perhaps crucial health information, or do not state their true feelings where they believe others will hear their conversations.

The solution to poor acoustics

Installing absorbent acoustic products is the best way to improve acoustics in the health industry. This acoustic treatment lowers reverberation (the noise bouncing around the space) and allows everyone to communicate easily without raising their voices to be heard over the noise.

Some products we may recommend include:

  • Calando Panel, which is available for use on walls and ceilings
  • Calando One Panel is the perfect solution if you seek simplicity, aesthetics, and acoustic control in your space.
  • Calando Ceiling Tiles are acoustically rated ceiling tiles designed to fit into standard ceiling grid systems.