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Meeting the challenge of noise in school classrooms

Acoustic Classroom Walls for Noise Reduction

Proper noise control ensures that speech intelligibility is maintained, allowing students to comprehend instructions, explanations, and discussions without straining.

Many distractions can break a student’s concentration. They can come from internal noises like classmates chatting, pencil sharpeners and air conditioners and outside noises like cleaners, traffic, and all kinds of real-world noise.

Acoustic sound-absorbing walls are available for classrooms, to trap these sound waves and force them to dissipate rather than echo and reverberate, leading to much quieter environments for students to learn.

A teacher-centric learning model led to a classroom comprised of four walls, a door, and furnished with desks. The teacher talks and reinforces information via visual and written representations.

The introduction of new technologies in schools has resulted in a shift in teaching methods, and therefore a change in the way classrooms are designed and set up. Today’s learning environments are flexible speaking and listening spaces where collaboration, group work, complex problem solving and digital information gathering occur. As these endeavours involve both concentration and speech communication, a good acoustic design is essential for classroom soundproofing.

Avenue Interior Systems understand the importance of acoustics in a classroom, and how the acoustic design of a classroom should create a comfortable environment where it is easier for a student to learn and thrive.

We have a wide array of acoustic classroom panels, baffles and room dividers to optimise your classroom environment. Speak to one of our experts today to find out how your space can become more acoustically comfortable.

The solution to poor classroom acoustics

The best way to improve the acoustics in a classroom is to use absorbent acoustic products. Some products we may recommend include: