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Music Room

Acoustic products for school music rooms

The effects of poor acoustics on students and teachers

Poor acoustics can mean teachers must use extra energy simply to communicate their message to students, which leads to exhaustion and ultimately illness.

Too much noise in the classroom impacts students in various ways. Firstly, they will use more energy blocking the noise out rather than focusing on their lesson. Their education may be impeded if their teacher suffers noise-related illnesses and requires leave. Even students in neighbouring classrooms may have their lesson interrupted by music lessons from nearby rooms.

Students, especially those younger than 13, have an undeveloped sense of hearing. This means background noise impacts their hearing, comprehension and learning more than it would teenagers and adults.

In summary, inadequate classroom acoustics have a detrimental affect on both teachers and students, underscoring the importance of acoustic control in educational settings.

Solutions to poor music room acoustics

Just like in a classroom, the best way to improve music room acoustics is to use absorbent acoustic products.

Some products we may recommend include:

  • Calando Panel, for use on walls and ceilings,
  • ECO Wall for walls, ceilings or baffles, or perhaps
  • Calando One the perfect solution for simplicity, aesthetics, and acoustic control.