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Acoustic Wall Panels

Enhance your acoustic experience with cutting-edge absorptive noise control products for walls.
Acoustic panels come in a variety of styles and colors, and can add a decorative element to a room while also improving its acoustics.
Multi-purpose hall with acoustic treatment in use

Calando Panel

Calando acoustic panel

Custom Calando Panel

Calando One, a premium acoustic panel, is seamlessly installed on the wall of a music room, enhancing sound quality and creating an optimal acoustic environment for musicians to practice and learn.

Calando One Panel

Vibrantly colored acoustic treatment on the wall of a childcare space. These bright and engaging acoustic panels add a playful and visually stimulating element to the environment and serve a practical purpose by absorbing sound and reducing noise levels.

ECO Wall

Calando Acoustic Fabric was elegantly applied on the waiting area wall, providing both functional and aesthetic benefits by enhancing sound absorption and adding a touch of sophistication.

Calando Acoustic Fabric

An acoustic room divider provides separation in a dance studio, allowing for versatile use of space while effectively controlling sound. This divider enhances privacy, fosters focused practice, and creates an optimal acoustic environment for dancers.

Acoustic Room Dividers

Calando Acoustic Timber used on a curved wall in an open office.

Calando Timber

ECO Strong on the wall in an office with two ladies conversing in front

ECO Strong

Sleek and stylish dark green ECO Round tile on a small office's wall serves dual purposes of reducing reverberation and enhancing privacy. These tiles absorb sound to create a quieter environment and add a touch of sophistication to the space, promoting concentration and a sense of confidentiality for optimal work performance.

ECO Round

Acoustic treatment on a wall featuring sound-absorbing panels designed to enhance the space's acoustics. A note is pinned to the wall, showcasing its practicality for communication and reminders. This acoustic treatment helps reduce echo and reverberation, creating a more pleasant and productive environment while allowing for timely information sharing on the wall surface.

ECO Felt & PET Felt

ECOArch installed on the ceiling of a cafe, enhancing the acoustic environment for a more enjoyable dining experience. These specialised tiles effectively absorb sound, reducing echo and background noise, creating a comfortable and conversation-friendly atmosphere.

ECO Arch