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Office space gains improved acoustics and aesthetics

Calando Panels add visual interest as well as functionality

Looks great! The installer was great. There’s not as much echo… it’s made it look better. We had big blank walls, so we’ve now essentially got some art.” – Bendigo Bank team member

The challenge

The team at Bendigo Bank – one of Australia’s leading innovative, competitive and accessible banks – were moving their Head Office. The new open-plan office featured large open spaces, including tall ceilings and bare plaster walls.

As with any large open space, the office suffered from excessive echo and reverberation due to the building’s configuration and construction. This presented problems, since too much noise in a workspace can cause discomfort for employees and eventually lost productivity, as it can take a long time to refocus on work once disrupted by noise.

Our client’s preference was to keep Bendigo Bank’s corporate colours, while allowing some flexibility in the creative design. Avenue’s Project Consultant used the building’s plans and photos of the space to create an aesthetically pleasing, acoustically comfortable design for the Bendigo Bank head office.

The Avenue Solution

To make the space more comfortable for office workers, Avenue customised our Calando Panel to suit Bendigo Bank’s requirements. Our team cut our Calando Panels into various squares and rectangles before wrapping them in fabric to match the Bank’s corporate colours. The panels were then arranged decoratively on the wall.

Calando Panel is one of Avenue’s most versatile products. The sound-absorbing panel is available in a range of thicknesses, in white, black and grey as standard colours. The panels can also be wrapped in fabric to match any colour – as used in the Bendigo Bank project – or can have a high-resolution photo printed to combine artwork and noise control into one attractive solution.

Results Achieved by Avenue

Unfortunately, staff changeovers meant that our contact who started the soundproofing project was no longer available to comment on the acoustic improvements post-install. However, our new Bendigo Bank contact mentioned that the panels have certainly improved the spaces aesthetically.

Along with their acoustic improvements, the panels have created a nicer, ‘prettier’ workplace, based on feedback from the Bendigo Bank office staff. This more comfortable head office environment will help improve employees’ enjoyment of their workplace and promote better efficiency.

If your office space needs acoustic treatment, contact the team at Avenue Interior Systems today on 1300 827 177.

We look forward to Designing Your Silence.