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AIS at EduBUILD 2019

Avenue Interior Systems exhibited our noise solutions for educational spaces at EduBUILD at the ICC in Sydney June 6-7 2019.

EduBUILD is Australia’s most significant education buildings and infrastructure conference and trade show for education leaders and decision-makers involved in the design, construction, renovation, maintenance, operation and management of buildings for schools, colleges and universities.

Over 10,000 people attended the two-day event.

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We sent two booths from our manufacturing facility in Toowoomba QLD to a depot in Sydney. Our NSW Business Development Manager collected the booths from the depot and took them to the ICC for bump in.  We acoustically treated one booth and left the other untreated. Our NSW Business Development Manager, an expert in acoustics, stated:

“the difference was notable as soon as you enter the treated booth”.

Comments from educators include:

“Wow that’s awesome. You can really hear the difference.”

“The sound is so dead in there!” [the quiet booth]

“That’s really cool, it really muffles it. It’s so much quieter.”

We had two booths to help our visitors understand the different acoustics. Providing visitors with an Ultimate Ears speaker and we asked them to enter the untreated booth to listen to the sounds of a classroom through the speaker. We then asked them to enter the treated booth to observe the difference between untreated and treated spaces.

Classroom noise

In a typical classroom, noise levels average around 65 decibels (dBs). Higher noise levels have proven adverse effects on health. For students, it can lead to lower academic performance, since students have to work harder to understand their lessons. And for teachers, higher noise levels can mean a loss of voice for having to talk louder to be heard (Michelle from Thomas Reddall Highschool was experiencing loss of voice due to poor acoustics) and a higher risk of heart attack caused by a sustained increase in heart rate over time.

If you have concerns for the academic performance of your students and the health of your teachers due to poor acoustics, contact us today to find out how we can create a unique solution for your educational facility.