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Music Room Reverberation

Thomas Reddall High School in Campbelltown NSW had reverberation concerns in their music room. As a result, the school principal contacted Avenue Interior Systems in the hope we could solve the issues.

The Music Room Issue

The high school music room has collaborative spaces for students to practice, and quiet spaces for them to sit and complete theory. Imagine trying to converse with students with instrument and general classroom noise combining. This is how Michelle Collison, the school music teacher, was living every day. Consequently, Michelle suffered severe voice strain and finished every day exhausted.

Michelle’s Story

Avenue Interior Systems NSW representative visited Thomas Reddall to assess the reverberation concern, and then worked with our our acoustic engineer and design team to create a custom solution.

The acoustic engineer specified Calando Panels to be strategically placed on parts of the ceiling and walls. The sound absorbent panels are designed to reduce excess noise and reverberation through absorbing soundwaves that bounce off the otherwise hard surfaces in the room.

Our NSW representative visited the school after installation of the Calando Panels to assess the outcome. The results were beyond what Michelle expected. She commented she can now converse more easily with her students and is able to have conversations without straining her voice. Most importantly for Michelle, she has more energy of an afternoon.

Thomas Reddall School is so pleased with the outcome they have asked Avenue Interior Systems to return to the school to install more absorption materials in other classrooms. Watch this space.