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Reducing noise transfer in a busy office

Avenue improves acoustics and team harmony.

It’s all working well. Avenue’s solution is definitely good, has worked and we have no complaints.”

EVO Heat, suppliers of energy-efficient pool and spa heaters, operate their award-winning business from a two-storey office. The downstairs area is home to reception and the administration staff, while upstairs is a large open plan office with the remainder of EVO Heat’s staff.

The challenge

The noise generated from the upstairs open plan office travelled down the open stairwell, disrupting and distracting the administration team. The hard floors in the reception area only accentuated this noise from upstairs. Both storeys of the office building are constructed from hard and highly reflective surfaces.

The client wanted a solution to reduce noise in the open office and reduce noise transfer from one area to another.

While the client was aware their open stairwell was contributing to their noise transfer problem; they wanted to keep the openness of the space. This meant the Avenue team had to think outside of the box to find the best solution. Challenge accepted!

The Avenue solution

The Avenue team began the process by completing a site visit to assess the challenges, measure up the facility, and discuss our client’s requirements directly.

The site visit led the Avenue team to use a combination of our ‘standard’ products and custom-made products for EVO Heat, including:

  • Calando Panel
  • ECO Wall
  • Room dividers
  • Acoustic fabric covers

Creating the solution involved many conversations directly with our client to discuss colours and layout.

The Avenue team used our ever-reliable Calando Panel on the ceilings of the open office and in the reception area to absorb and muffle the noise in the space. ECO Wall tiles on the end walls add a decorative element to the offices while providing extra noise absorption in the space.

Custom-made sound attenuating and absorbing dividers were installed above the stairway opening nib wall to reduce noise transmission to the downstairs reception area.

EVO Heat contacted the Avenue team in June 2021, and the final install was complete in October 2021. The Avenue team worked closely with our client throughout the process to ensure a seamless result.

Results achieved by Avenue

With Calando Panels from Avenue, the EVO Heat team are enjoying a quieter, more comfortable working environment which makes it easier for their staff to perform at their best. In fact, results have been so good that EVO Heat has now purchased more ECO Wall tiles to treat their showroom.

And with EVO Heat now looking for a larger space to house their growing business, they have already requested that Avenue Interior Systems treat the new space acoustically! We can’t wait to work with the team again.

For more information on Calando Panel or any Avenue Interior Systems products, contact the team today on 1300 827 177.

We look forward to Designing Your Silence.