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The Solution to Excessive Noise in Childcare

Calando Panels make a huge difference for Mansfield Kindergarten

Mansfield Kindergarten is a Childcare Centre located in country Victoria, around 2.5 hours northeast of Melbourne. The centre prides itself on offering all children a quality education within a safe, nurturing, stimulating and caring environment. Yet they faced a challenge.

The Childcare Centre was struggling with excessive noise in their kindergarten rooms. Mansfield Kindergarten contacted Avenue Interior Systems to provide noise reduction that would make their rooms more comfortable for teachers and kids alike.

The challenge

Too much noise can cause frustration, stress, and health problems for teachers, and poor behaviour and interrupted learning for children. Loud environments are not conducive to happy, productive, play-based learning, and are especially detrimental to children with hearing and learning disabilities.

The kindy’s noise challenges stemmed from the natural sound of children playing, shouting and laughing in a room full of hard surfaces. The room was constructed of plaster, glass and lino flooring with minimal absorption, which meant that any noise was accentuated by the reflective surfaces and reverberated throughout the space.

The Avenue Solution

In similar applications, the Avenue team will often install absorptive noise control solutions to both the walls and the ceilings. In this instance, due to limited wall space, the acoustic treatment could be installed on the ceiling only.

Calando Panels were the chosen solution, thanks to their high acoustic performance and ease of installation. The panels were finished in white to blend into the ceiling.

Results Achieved by Avenue

The Calando Panels installation exceeded the expectations of Mansfield Kindergarten staff. They are now looking at installing similar treatment in other classrooms in their facility.

Wow, what difference they make, and they just look like they are quite a simple panel too!” said one childcare provider.

The panels are awesome! Our teachers say they have made a huge difference and it’s been noticeable, especially for the children who are affected by noise. So great. We hope we can do our other room in the future,” was another opinion.

To find out how Calando Panel can improve the acoustics in your childcare centre, contact the team today on 1300 827 177.

We look forward to Designing Your Silence.