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Home Office Noise Reduction…

The Calando Booth!

Working from home was popular before COVID-19 forced us into lockdown – as a result of the Corona Virus working from home is more common than attending the office. Before this change, the focus of office soundproofing was how the “office” noise impacted the person working from home and the clarity of the office workers voices. Today, with more people working from home and different distractions such as dishwashers, children and the neighbour’s dog, the focus has switched to how to improve sound quality on videoconferencing at home and how to create a comfortable home office.

Captivating image for the Calando Booth flyer, illustrating this acoustic booth solution's modern and functional design, offering privacy, comfort, and improved concentration in diverse work environments.
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Home Office

Avenue Interior Systems created the Calando Booth to create a comfortable home office space for you, whether your home office space is at the kitchen table or a shared home office. 

How it works

The three-light weight acoustic panels slide together creating a u-shape that sits around your laptop, PC or tablet. The u-shape Calando Booth will create a private space for you to do complete your work; it will also block your view of the folding and dirty kitchen that are also competing for your attention.  

The acoustic panels muffle external sounds. So when you are on a video call the sounds from the dishwasher, the kids and the neighbours barking dog will be stifled. The sound will not disappear completely; however, for your call, the experience for yourself and your coworkers will significantly improve.


If you are like many people, you will be adjusting to working from home AND educating your children. Your home office is doubling as a classroom. The Calando Booth can be used to create a space for your child to work. Like how it works for you, it will work for them. The u-shaped booth will block the view of their toys, PlayStation and siblings improving their concentration. They can do their online classes with minimal visual and audible distraction. 

When completing a zoom call with their teacher, your child’s voice will be clear for their educator to understand improving their learning experience.

When we return to normal

If in time you return to office-based work, you can easily take apart the three lightweight acoustic panel pieces and take the booth to work with you. The transportability of the Calando Booth allows you to carve out your own quiet space at work. For those people working in an open-plan office, privacy is craved. Using the Calando Booth in an office-based environment will improve your work productivity and reduce distractions for you and your coworkers.

To recap – The Calando Booth uses include:

  • Creating a soundproof home office for you
  • Creating a quiet classroom for your children
  • Muffle external sounds when you or your child are on a video call improving clarity
  • Tax-deductible options may be available – speak to your accountant or visit the ATO website

For more information on the Calando Booth, please contact Avenue Interior Systems on 1300 827 177.