Public Spaces

Social norms around behaviour in public have changed, as has social expectations regarding to noise levels in public.

It’s now ‘normal’ to be surrounded by groups of people laughing and talking, children shouting, music blaring, vehicle and machinery noise and phones ringing. While it may be ‘normal’ it is not necessarily enjoyed.

People don’t expect silence, but we do expect respect – and we do expect to be able to converse easily and enjoy ourselves when in a public space. We don’t like having to shout to our companions over the noise from raucous children. We don’t like not hearing a phone call because there’s too much music blaring all around us. We don’t like to leave a setting with our ears pounding and head aching, feeling desperate for some peace and quiet.

Think an airport. Stressful places. No traveller wants additional stress heaped upon them through not being able to hear their companions, hear their phone ring, or hear announcements about their flights.

Excess noise levels have been linked to stress, increased risk of high blood pressure and heart disease, and obesity. To prevent non-auditory health impacts, the daily average noise level exposure should be less than 55 decibels – a noise level similar to that of a conversation carried out in an average suburban home.

Avenue Interior Systems acoustic products are the ideal solution for excessively noisy public places. Their absorptive qualities help to reduce reverberated noise and echo, and quieten down an area to ensure user satisfaction.

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Typical Applications Include:

  • Airports
  • Swimming Pools
  • Sport Venues
  • Shopping Centres
  • Libraries
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