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Acoustic products for childcare

The way hearing develops means that, at early education and primary education level, children are still learning to interpret sounds.

They cannot predict sentences or sounds the way adults can – they need to hear what we say to know what we are saying. Context doesn't develop until a child’s late teens or early adulthood. Too much noise can lead to mishearing instructions and lessons, and at an early education level this can have long-term negative impacts on a child’s development.

That’s why ensuring optimal acoustics is imperative for the development of children in an early learning centre.

Too much noise in an early learning centre not only hurts children, it can also affect educators. Excessive noise in a space can mean that extra energy must be exerted to instruct a class, which leads to noise-induced illnesses such as headaches, sore throats and exhaustion.

The solution to poor room acoustics

The best way to improve acoustics in a childcare setting is to install sound absorbent products.

Products we may recommend include: