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The Ultimate Guide to Noise Control for Education

Improving the learning environment for students and teachers

This edition of the Ultimate Guide to Noise Control is designed to specifically address the challenges and concerns around noise faced by people working in education.

It's packed full of information that can help improve the acoustics in a school or childcare facility.

The Ultimate Guide contains:

  • The impacts of poor acoustics on teachers and students
  • The difference between echo and reverberation
  • Defining the Lombard effect
  • Case Study: AIS create a quieter, more relaxing space for staff
  • Case Study: AIS revive an unusable multi-purpose hall
  • Case Study: Toowoomba Christian College
  • A Noise Awareness checklist, and

The products you will need to improve your school's acoustics

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The Ultimate Guide to Noise Control for Education

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Comprehensive acoustic control in a multipurpose room, ensuring optimal sound quality and versatility. The strategic placement of acoustic panels, baffles, and diffusers throughout the room mitigates echoes, reverberation, and unwanted sound reflections.