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Music practice room soundproofing sets the tone

The benefits of using Calando Panels and Door Seals in educational facilities

Toowoomba Grammar School, a prestigious Queensland private boys’ school, boasts excellent sports, academic, and music programs. Yet they faced a challenge.

Initial Project Requirements

Between the school’s main music practice room and the drum and guitar practice room was an office, which was usually occupied by a teacher. As you can imagine, the noise generated from each space – particularly from the drum room – was exceedingly loud. The music escaping from the music practice rooms was causing major distractions to teachers.

In fact, during practice times the noise levels were simply too loud and distracting for teachers to be able to use the office. This instrument noise was exacerbated by a lack of absorption in the rooms, no door seals, and a large hole in the door!

Our partners Visual Focus suggested to Toowoomba Grammar School that Avenue Interior Systems would be able to help.

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Immerse yourself in the project photos of the Toowoomba Grammar School project.

The Avenue Solution

After being contacted, the AIS Project Consultant went to the site to understand how each of the three spaces was used and begin to improve the situation. These discussions were paramount in getting the solution right the first time.

To create a usable office space, Avenue added absorption to the drum & guitar room. The Avenue team used 50 mm Calando Panels on the shared wall, thus absorbing sound from the practice spaces and improving the space acoustically.

The team also installed door seals on the music room practice door seal off the gaps under the door as well as the hole in the door, and prevent sound making its way out of the practice room and into the office.

Results Achieved by Avenue

Thanks to sound absorption from Avenue, the school’s teacher can now comfortably use her office continually throughout the day, without disruptions from band practice, drums, and guitars.

The Music Teacher at Toowoomba Grammar School said:

We recently engaged Avenue Interior Systems to install acoustic panels and an acoustic drop & surround door seal set to an instrumental tuition and practice room beside an office.

The project consultant, Katelyn, was efficient and professional in her dealings with us, making the process seamless from quoting to the completed installation.

The panels and door set have made a huge difference to the room’s acoustics and the comfort levels of the staff working beside the room. Noise levels are more tolerable, and the door seal has meant far less spill of sound into adjoining areas of the building.

A bonus of the panelling is that the room has become far more useful for sound recording projects, a possibility that hadn’t been considered at the time of installation. The panelling also looks great, covering the painted brick walls with a clean, fresh appearance.

We will be using Avenue Interior Systems for further work to improve our rooms and facilities.”

For more information about noise control solutions for education, contact Avenue on 1300 827 177.

We look forward to Designing Your Silence.