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AIS Revive an Unusable Multi-Purpose Hall

Avenue Interior Systems’ acoustic solutions brings relief to St Anthony’s Catholic School teachers

It was worth every cent!! We had a wet weather play last week with 100 students in the hall, which is usually the duty every teacher dreads; both teachers said it was sooooo much better. Even just having a one-on-one conversation in there, there is a marked difference. Glad we went ahead with it…..thank-you!”

St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School is a 200-student school in Toowoomba, offering co-education for Prep to Year 6, with a small, caring and family-oriented community. The school prides itself on providing opportunities for each child to reach their full potential in a rich environment of learning and self-development.

The school facilities are an important focus in this journey, and St Anthony’s places value in creating spaces that both facilitate and enhance the learning journey for the students and staff.

The challenge

The Principal of St Anthony’s Catholic School contacted Avenue as they had a large space – a multi-purpose hall – that they struggle to use due to the noise within the building.

The multi-purpose hall is open, and the construction is mainly tin and concrete – therefore, there are no absorptive properties in the room. When several people are in the space, soundwaves bounce around the room, creating loud noise levels and echoes!

The teachers needed to speak louder than usual to be heard, causing sore throats. The teachers who frequently used the space started taking Panadol after half an hour due to noise-induced headaches.

The unusable multi-purpose hall was purpose-built to accommodate all students and guests at school concerts and presentations. Due to the noise levels, the school hasn’t used the hall for those kinds of events, so they have been using their smaller old hall, which fits all the students comfortably, but meant they had to roster guests’ attendance.

The Avenue Solution

The solution we used for the multi-purpose school hall covers part of two walls and a large percentage of the tin ceiling with Calando Panel. Calando Panels are sophisticated acoustic polyester panels with maximum sound absorption. They also impact resistant, thermally rated, moisture resistant and fire rated.

Installation of the solution was in the June/July school holidays. There were fewer students around at the time; however, as the hall hosts vacation care, our installers had three days to install the Calando Panels to minimise disruption.

Results Achieved by Avenue