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The Ultimate Guide to Noise Control for Hospitality

How venues can overcome the challenge of excess noise

This edition of the Ultimate Guide to Noise Control is designed to specifically address the challenges and concerns around noise faced by hospitality owners, managers, and workers.

It's packed full of information that can help improve the acoustics in cafes, restaurants, bars or clubs.

The Ultimate Guide contains:

  • The impacts of noise on guests
  • The difference between echo and reverberation
  • Defining the Lombard effect and how it impacts health professionals
  • Case Study: Improving acoustics and aesthetics for a historic pub
  • A Noise Awareness checklist, and
  • The products you will need to improve your venue's acoustics.

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The Ultimate Guide to Noise Control for Hospitality

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Acoustic treatment installed on the ceiling of a bar. The acoustic panels and diffusers are strategically placed to absorb sound waves and reduce noise levels, creating a more enjoyable and comfortable environment for patrons to socialise and converse in while enjoying their drinks.