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Calando Panels Create Comfortable Learning Environment for Childcare Centre

Avenue’s acoustic treatment looks great and works even better.

Evolution Early Learning on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast offers the perfect balance between a modern educational environment and the sustainable living and learning practices that make little lives thrive. The offer childcare for children from 6 weeks old right through to kindergarten.

Voted the Sunshine Coast’s best Childcare Centre, Evolution Early Learning occupies an enviable position on Brisbane Road in central Mooloolaba, in a former multi-storey carpark.

The Challenge

The idea to transform a Mooloolaba carpark into an Early Learning Centre was brilliant, yet fraught with concern. To create a sturdy structure that would withstand most weather and environmental situations, cement and metal were the primary materials used in the original construction of the carpark.

However, acoustics were (understandably) not a key consideration in the building’s original design! Clearly, as part of transforming a giant cement block into an Early Learning Centre, attention would need to turn to improving its acoustics.

The Avenue Solution

The property owner contacted Avenue Interior Systems to work with them to design solutions for the poor acoustics in their space. The Avenue team were able to complete the custom design based purely on emails and phone calls – there was unfortunately no need to travel to the beautiful Sunshine Coast!

Avenue’s acoustic Calando Panels  were added to the ceiling to reduce the reverberation caused by so many hard surfaces. Calando Panels are a sophisticated acoustic polyester panel that can be installed on walls or ceilings to create maximum sound absorption. Calando is available in white or black, or can be customised with any Calando Rise fabric to suit your corporate colour scheme. Evolution Early Learning opted to apply white panels to their ceilings.

Results Achieved by Avenue

Both centre management and the property owner were pleased with the solutions provided by Avenue, commenting, “The Calando Panels look great, and have proved very effective!”

As always, Avenue’s team of experts worked tirelessly on the project. We designed, manufactured and installed the custom solution for the new childcare development.

If you dream of turning a carpark – or any other intimidating concrete space – into a more comfortable, usable space, contact the Avenue team today on 1300 827 177.

We look forward to Designing Your Silence.