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Whether it’s a primary classroom, a high school, university or TAFE, most students need to be able to hear and understand others to learn. A noisy room can make this hard.   

Noise in the classroom predominantly comes from other students talking, but also relates to the acoustic design of the space. Soft furnishings will quieten a room, while hard surfaces will accentuate noise.   

Poor acoustics in a classroom can cause many problems with how a student learns and enjoys their studies. Poor acoustics can make it hard for a student to understand speech, read and spell, pay attention and concentrate, succeed in lessons, and can also affect how a student behaves.  

Students are not the only ones impacted by poor acoustics. Teachers also struggle in a noisy classroom. Studies show teachers use their voices for about 60% of their workday. Talking in a loud classroom and raising their voice to be heard over other noises can strain a teacher’s voice which can lead to illness, stress and fatigue.   

To improve acoustics to a level that is excellent for a teaching and learning environment, retrofit Avenue Interior Systems absorptive products into your educational spaces. 

School Children Working on a Project in Primary Class

Project photos:

St Monicas Multi Purpose Hall Soundproofing St Monica's Catholic Primary - Multi-Purpose Hall
Evolution Early Learning Evolution Early Learning - Play Room
Toowoomba Christian College – Open Day-93 – Copy Toowoomba Christian College - Art Classroom
AvenueIS_NorfolkIslandCentralSchool (2) Norfolk Island Central School - Library
AvenueIS_BundabergChristianCollege (2) Bundaberg Christian College - Staffroom

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