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How to Stop Noise in the Classroom

Ways to create a calmer learning environment

It’s no secret that a noisy classroom is a concern for teachers. Not only can the noise in the classroom cause disruptions in lessons, but a particularly noisy classroom can even impact students in other nearby areas.

Olivia Hanifan from Mentimeter documents several ways to try to control noise in the classroom:

  • Start as you mean to go on – set the expectation for classroom noise levels at the beginning of each day.
  • Address students individually and not as a group – if there are children who are creating more noise than others, discuss it with them separately as opposed to the whole class.
  • Say things once only – try and avoid repeating yourself. If you only say things once, children will need to pay attention to the instruction which will teach children to listen.
  • Give noisy students more responsibility – allocating responsibility to the students who make the most noise gives them a sense of pride, and they tend to focus more as a result.
  • Encourage active listening – playing games such as Simon Says teaches children how to listen while performing an activity quietly.
  • Listen more – children learn behaviours from those around them. To encourage listening, make sure you are actively listening when a child is speaking with you.
  • Get to know your students – it may seem simple, but learning about individual students will form a bond, and they will tend to pay more attention to what you say during lessons.

Even with the above behavioural controls in place, noise in a classroom is inevitable. The application of noise control products can improve classroom noise to enhance the learning and teaching environment.

The best noise control products for classrooms

There are many noise control products which may benefit your application.

Calando Panel is an unobtrusive acoustic absorption panel. While Calando Panel is primarily offered in white or black to blend in with ceilings and walls, you can also wrap the panel in Calando Fabric to match the colour scheme of your school or create a decorative statement.

When correctly placed in a classroom, Calando Panels absorb excess noise, creating a more comfortable teaching and learning space.

Acoustic room dividers are the ideal solution to divide noisy classrooms, dance studios or larger spaces into smaller areas or zones.

The curtains have acoustic properties which can reduce noise transmission. They also work like a typical curtain and can be open and shut as required, depending on if you want to utilise the full available area or the smaller spaces.

ECO Wall sound-absorbent tiles are Green Guard Gold rated for their environmentally-friendly properties and recyclability. They offer a variety of install options including:

  • As wall panels,
  • As ceiling baffles, or
  • Suspension in a standard ceiling grid.

ECOwall is available in a wide range of colours to brighten any classroom and is pin friendly – you won’t lose precious wall space (display areas) to create acoustic comfort. ECOwall panels reduce reverberated noise and improve the ambience of a classroom, creating a calming learning environment.

Talk to Avenue about soundproofing solutions for education

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