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How our team solved a school’s noise issue in a multi-purpose pavilion

How Avenue Interior Systems helped Chinchilla Christian College fix their multi-purpose pavilion’s reverberation with Calando Panel

The Challenge

Chinchilla Christian College’s multi-purpose pavilion is a space used for various gatherings and outdoor play. But due to the hard tin and concrete surfaces of the pavilion, any activity created an echo that made the space very uncomfortable for the staff and students and annoyed the neighbours.

Looking for a solution to fix the pavilion’s reverberation, the school reached out to Avenue Interior Systems.

The Avenue Solution

Avenue’s Project Consultant began with a site visit to the school, to understand the pavilion’s layout and to assess which Avenue product would best suit the construction.

After the site visit, our Project Consultant put together various options for our client, who selected a tried-and-true solution: Calando Panel.

The roof was constructed of a ridged-profiled tin and the ceiling was curved making it difficult but not impossible to install the 132 50mm Calando Panels. Extra time had to be taken in installation to ensure the panels were firmly adhered to the curved tin. 

Results Achieved by Avenue

As always, Avenue’s team worked with our client to create the best solution for their unique requirements and application. The installation of the noise control solution not only achieved but exceeded our client’s expectations.

After months of extreme high and low temperatures, the Calando Panels remain firmly fixed to the to the curved tin roof in Chinchilla. The Calando Panels are withstanding extremes in voices, bouncing balls, music and much more. The teachers and students are happy, and there have been no further complaints from the neighbours.

For more information about Calando Panel or our other solutions for education facilities, contact Avenue Interior Systems on 1300 827 177.

We look forward to Designing Your Silence.