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Quietening healthcare spaces for Australia’s ageing population

How noise control helps you navigate the Decibel Dilemma

Australia’s ageing population increasingly faces a significant challenge: noise pollution, particularly within healthcare settings. This issue isn’t simply about the inconvenience of loud sounds; in fact, it directly impacts older individuals’ wellbeing, compounding existing problems related to hearing impairment.

For these reasons, local authorities and governing bodies must actively set and enforce noise regulations that are tailored to Australia’s ageing population in healthcare spaces. Yet creating a supportive and healing environment requires a collective effort.

Equally important as these regulations is:

  • Raising awareness among staff, visitors, and residents about the profound impact of noise on overall wellbeing, and
  • Installing effective noise control solutions that are tailored to healthcare settings.



The effects of excess noise on ageing people

The impacts of excessive noise on older adults’ physical and mental health are profound. They range from sleep disturbances and heightened stress levels, to an increased risk of hearing loss.

In healthcare and aged care facilities – spaces designed for rest and recovery – these issues are exacerbated. Without appropriate noise control, these environments can actually contribute to residents’ discomfort and distress.

To address this critical concern, implementing effective noise reduction measures in healthcare facilities and aged care residences is imperative. This may include installing sound-absorbing materials, acoustic panels, and quieter medical equipment.

Noise control products for aged care and health settings

Noteworthy noise control products that are suitable for aged care settings include:

These solutions stand out thanks to their easy maintenance, microbial resistance, aesthetic appeal, and excellent acoustic properties. Installing such noise control can significantly enhance quality of life for people residing within these facilities.

Talk to Avenue about soundproofing for aged care

By focusing on noise control in healthcare settings catering to the needs of older individuals, we can substantially enhance quality of life for Australia’s ageing population. This focus addresses immediate concerns and contributes to the creation of compassionate and age-friendly spaces that priorities the wellbeing of our elderly citizens.

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