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Improving acoustics and aesthetics for a historic pub

How the Hotel Hinchinbrook customised our Calando Panels

What do you do when you invest in a piece of local history, only to discover one of the many communal spaces is a bit too noisy for a comfortable conversation? You contact Avenue Interior Systems!

Wallaman Falls, Far North Queensland. The highest single drop falls in Australia.

The challenge

Affectionately known to locals as “The Brook”, Hotel Hinchinbrook has a long and colourful history. In fact, The Brook has been a landmark of Ingham in Queensland since 1925, and home to many a fascinating tale.

This history made it a great honour to work with the new owners – Marty and Maddy – to be part of making improvements to “the old girl”.

When the hotel’s new owners noticed a bit too much noise in the room, they worked with Avenue Interior Systems to devise a solution for the local icon.

The Avenue solution: custom Calando Panels

Marty and Maddy decided they wanted a noise control solution that would also act as a signature feature of their space. They opted for our custom Calando Panel, which provides excellent noise absorption while also being highly aesthetic for the room.

The owners chose to add photos from a local photographer onto their two noise absorption panels. The images showcase the region’s natural beauty, emphasising the family atmosphere The Brook is renowned for.

Custom Calando Panels maintain all the acoustic benefits of standard Calando Panels. The only difference is they are customised to the specific aesthetic needs of the business; in this case with photos of the Ingham region.

The beautiful panels caused quite a stir as they came through Avenue’s Toowoomba factory, and the black and white images on the white panels really popped.

The panels were checked and sent to Marty and Maddy for installation.

Results achieved by Avenue

Standard Calando Panels are perfect for clients who are looking for an acoustic solution that blends into the walls or ceilings. On the other hand, custom panels are ideal when – like Maddy and Marty – you’re looking for a solution to become a feature of a space.

Not only have the panels improved the acoustics of the room, they’ve also improved its aesthetics – without detracting from the historic, fun-loving feel of The Brook.

For more information on custom Calando Panels or any Avenue Interior Systems products, contact the team today on 1300 827 177.

We look forward to Designing your Silence.