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High noise levels in hospitals and medical environments can slow healing, or increase illness.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that patient room noise levels are around 30 decibels, with the maximum noise level being 40 decibels. According to a recent study, the average sound level in a hospital is 48 decibels.

Medical facilities are all subject to noise pollution - either from medical equipment, trolleys, vehicles, or from staff and other patients. Research is demonstrating there is an increase in the number of problems caused by excess noise - including high blood pressure and increased heart rate, increased errors, and a lack of speech privacy in professional rooms. Maybe even more importantly, excess noise causes lost sleep, impeding patients’ ability to heal, and increased requests for medication.

Studies show that a pleasant sound environment significantly increases the overall quality of care in medical facilities. Resulting in benefits such as lower blood pressure, improvements in quality of sleep, a reduction in the intake of pain medication, better communication, lower stress levels, and an increase in patient safety and staff well-being.

Avenue Interior Systems has a range of solutions to assist in achieving a comfortable and healthy acoustic environment in medical applications. We understand the value of a well-designed healthcare facility, and our high-performing and aesthetic products combine functionality, sustainability and decor in one.

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