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How hotel noise control can enhance the customer experience

Soundproofing takes the hospitality industry from chaos to calm

Noise pollution is a common problem in many areas of the hospitality industry, including hotel lobbies, restaurants, bars, and guest rooms. Disturbances from conversations, clattering dishes, music, footsteps, and other sources can disrupt guests seeking peace and tranquillity during their stay. This can lead to dissatisfaction and deter guests from returning.

The hospitality industry places great importance on providing guests with a relaxing and enjoyable stay. Noise pollution can hinder this experience, and affect a guest’s sleep and overall satisfaction. Fortunately, hotels and other establishments can improve their environment by implementing effective noise control solutions.


The benefits of noise control for hospitality venues

Fortunately, noise control solutions offer benefits beyond simply reducing noise levels.

Soundproofing materials, double-glazed windows, and acoustic door seals can create a peaceful environment that ensures quality sleep for hotel guests.

Noise-absorbing panels, carpeting, and noise-reducing fixtures can enhance dining experiences and facilitate smoother communication.

Acoustic ceiling treatments, strategic furniture placement, and sound masking systems can create serene public areas.

And designated quiet areas, soundproof meeting rooms, and noise-cancelling features in coworking spaces can provide peaceful workspaces for productivity.

The best soundproofing solutions for hospitality

At Avenue Interior Systems we recommend soundproofing solutions such as:

  • Calando Panels – a basic yet sophisticated acoustic polyester panel that can be customised to match your venue’s colour scheme.
  • Custom Calando Panels – an upgrade that allows you to use your favourite photo or logo, or add a texture to the panel.
  • ECOwall Panel – a thermo-bonded sound-absorbent panel that can be hung as wall panels or ceiling baffles, and can also be used as a noticeboard.

Talk to Avenue about noise control solutions for hospitality 

Investing in noise control measures can improve your venue’s brand perception, increase guest satisfaction, and cultivate loyalty, leading to repeat bookings and positive word-of-mouth recommendations. By embracing noise control solutions, hotels can provide an exceptional guest experience that sets them apart in the competitive hospitality industry.

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