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Enhancing workplace acoustics

A case study of Flexshield Group’s new facility

Flexshield Group (comprising Flexshield, Avenue Interior Systems and AcousTech), a prominent national family-owned business based in Toowoomba, Queensland, specialises in manufacturing industrial and commercial soundproofing products. With plans to expand its operations, the company constructed a new facility to accommodate its future growth.

The office’s size and layout posed significant acoustic challenges, necessitating the involvement of a reliable commercial acoustics provider. This case study explores how Avenue Interior Systems successfully implemented noise control solutions to address the acoustic requirements of Flexshield Group’s new facility.

The challenge

Flexshield Group’s move to a larger facility presented several acoustic challenges. The open space design posed potential noise issues, including bare beams, glass walls, and expansive areas. The company sought a reliable solution to overcome these challenges, and ensure a productive and comfortable working environment.

The Avenue solution

Naturally, we turned to Avenue Interior Systems – not only a trusted commercial acoustics provider but also part of the Flexshield Group – to address the new facility’s noise control requirements.

While several of Avenue’s existing products were strategically utilised throughout the premises, excitingly, Flexshield Group had the opportunity to experiment with some forthcoming products scheduled for launch later in 2023.

1) Calando Panel

To combat noise in the main office area, kitchens and small meeting rooms, Calando Panel was installed in the ceilings. This acoustic solution effectively absorbs sound, creating a quieter working environment. 

2) Timber-look acoustic products

Avenue implemented their new timber-look acoustic products in the reception area on the curved wall, enhancing aesthetics and sound control.

3) Custom-printed Calando One 

The Calando One panel was custom-printed with a brick pattern and installed throughout the open plan office. The very realistic design amazes visitors – people often touch the panel to confirm its authenticity!

4) Black Calando acoustic ceiling tiles

In the private offices, Black Calando acoustic ceiling tiles were installed. This choice preserved the industrial aesthetic while ensuring a noise-free atmosphere, differentiating the offices from typical industrial builds.

5) Boardroom solutions

The boardroom received special attention, featuring more of Avenue’s timber-look acoustic battens on the ceiling, Calando One on the walls, and custom Calando Panel prints in frames on one wall. This combination of acoustic solutions contributed to an optimal acoustic environment as well as stunning design aesthetic in the boardroom.

Results achieved by Avenue

It’s fair to say the implemented noise control solutions by Avenue Interior Systems have exceeded expectations. From an aesthetic perspective, the products successfully replicate the ambience of an industrial building without compromising acoustic quality. The office space now offers an ideal environment for productive work. Visitors frequently praise the facility’s visual appeal and remark on the remarkable lack of noise, a testament to the outstanding quality and design of Avenue’s acoustic products.

Avenue’s noise control solutions have meant that Flexshield Group’s new premises now balance industrial aesthetics and a quiet, conducive work environment. The exceptional results achieved in this case study reflect the meticulous efforts of Avenue’s Project Coordinator, who consistently ensures optimal acoustics in all projects undertaken.

For more information on the products mentioned in this case study, visit our website or contact the team at 1300 827 177.