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Can Plants Help to Reduce Noise?

Benefits of Noise Absorbing Plants

We have wonderful news to share: the benefits of plants just got better!

Adding plants to your space not only cleans up your air, adds a pop of colour, and brings an abundance of energy – they can also reduce noise! And that means increased productivity in the educational, public, office and medical spaces.

Research by Dr M. Curtis says plants interact with ‘incident soundwaves’, which are soundwaves that travel toward something in three different ways: deflection, refraction, and absorption.

“Plants can absorb sound waves through their leaves, branches, stems, and bark, and convert the sound energy into chemical energy for physiological processes,” Dr Curtis says.

So how many plants will you need in your space to reduce noise? Well, that depends on the type of plant you choose, as well as the size of the room. You may end up turning your space into a forest of sorts to achieve optimal sound absorption.

If you decide you don’t want to turn your space into a forest and you simply want your plants to be plants, there is an alternative. You can engage with the soundproofing experts at Avenue Interior Systems to control noise in your space, and just use plants for decor.

An alternative to using plants as noise control

The Avenue Interior Systems team has extensive experience creating bespoke commercial noise control solutions using acoustic sound absorbing panels.

We work with various schools, retirement villages, retailers, and offices around Australia. Our products work by softening hard surfaces, absorbing sound waves instead of allowing them to hit the wall and bounce around the room, creating unwanted sound (or noise!).

Here’s how our solutions have reduced many of the negative impacts of unwanted sound and noise across various industries.

Noise control for education

Poor acoustics in a classroom can harm teachers and students. Teachers suffer fatigue, sore throats, and increased stress from continually raising their voices. Too much noise for students can impact their learning ability.

Avenue Interior Systems products that are ideal for use in education spaces include:

Noise control for public spaces

We don’t expect silence in public spaces like bars, restaurants, libraries, or gyms. Yet we do expect to have the ability to converse easily and leave the venue without our ears ringing. Too much noise in a public space can lead to customers not returning and even leaving negative reviews on social media.

Products we may recommend to improve the noise in your public space include:

Office noise control

Too much noise in the office space can decrease productivity and increase absenteeism. Studies prove that workers can lose 86 minutes per day – that’s nearly 7 hours or a whole day lost every week thanks to noise distractions from poor acoustics.

To improve office productivity, we may recommend:

Noise control for the medical industry

No matter which part of the medical industry you operate in, the negative impacts of unwanted sound have terrible results on patients and staff.

Some negatives include:

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Increased heart rate
  • Potential for increased errors from staff due to impeded communication

Avenue Interior Systems offers a range of microbial resistant sound absorbing products to improve acoustics, including:

For more information on how Avenue Interior Systems can control noise in your space,

contact us today on 1300 827 177.