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What does Crosstalk Mean?

Crosstalk in electronics is a disturbance caused by the electric or magnetic fields of one telecommunication signal affecting a signal in an adjacent circuit. Crosstalk in acoustics is a similar concept – noise from one room is affecting people in an adjacent room.

How does crosstalk occur?

Many offices, classrooms and large spaces have suspended (false) ceilings for flexibility purposes or to allow for airconditioning ductwork and electrical conduit. While this style of the building allows for economical restructure of the space, it does not cater for acoustics.

In a facility with suspended ceilings, the wall partitions do not meet the slab of the level above or the roof of the building. This is because the walls can’t be built up through the ceiling grid, and stop below it. This allows for crosstalk. Noise from one room will travel through the ceiling cavity to the adjacent room, creating an experience similar to phone lines beings jumbled. You may feel like you are listening to multiple conversations at once, and private conversations taking place in one room can be heard in other spaces.

Avenue IS Crosstalk
Noise from one room is affecting people in an adjacent room.

How can crosstalk be minimised?

There is a solution for crosstalk. By adding a barrier from the false ceiling to the roof you can minimise the amount of noise transfer. However, you cannot just use any material to create a Barrier. If you install a non-acoustic solution, the noise can pass straight through it uninterrupted. However, if you install a product such as Sonic Ceiling Barrier, it will block the soundwaves.

How does the Sonic Ceiling Barrier stop crosstalk?

The Sonic Barrier is a high-performance, flexible noise barrier. The Barrier offers superior acoustic transmission loss. Avenue Interior Systems Sonic Ceiling Barrier is thin, tear-resistant and durable – ideal for installation in cavities, over a wall or in a ceiling or floor constructions. The installation will stop the transmission of Crosstalk between adjacent spaces –  however, it will not fix in room acoustics.

Why is my room still noisy?

“I have installed Avenue Interior Systems Sonic Ceiling Barrier and I still experience noise in my space – why?” If your office, reception or classroom is noisy it may have additional noise control issues within your space. Working with a commercial acoustics company such as Avenue Interior Systems and AcousTech can help you correct noise issues in your space such as reverberation. Products which may be recommended include:

For more information about Crosstalk solutions download the Avenue Interior Systems Sonic Ceiling Barrier datasheet or call the team on 1300 827 177.