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Transforming boardroom acoustics

Enhancing sound quality with Avenue’s Calando Panels

The challenge

When one of Avenue’s suppliers recently relocated to a new facility, they undertook a complete renovation to create open-plan office spaces and a visually appealing industrial-style boardroom. So far, so good… yet despite its impressive aesthetics, the boardroom soon caused challenges for staff. The room’s hard surfaces lacked sound absorption capabilities, leading to difficulties in hearing during web-based meetings involving multiple participants.

The Avenue solution

To address the boardroom’s sound quality issue, the Avenue Interior Systems team devised a solution involving the integration of absorptive panels. Importantly, careful consideration was also given to preserving the room’s architectural features, ensuring the panels fit seamlessly within its overall design.

A specific plan was developed thanks to effective communication with the client; including using black Calando Panels positioned behind the TV and white Calando Panels installed on the ceiling.

Why choose Calando Panel?

Calando Panels offer an innovative solution for achieving optimal sound absorption on walls or ceilings, utilising a sophisticated acoustic polyester material. Designed to meet the diverse needs of various environments, including offices, education centres, hospitality venues, medical facilities, and cultural centres, Calando Panels deliver remarkable results.

Applying Avenue’s durable Calando Panels to surfaces within your venue can significantly enhance the overall experience for those who use the space. The improved acoustics create a more conducive environment for productivity, learning, and relaxation, whether the space is used for work, education, or leisure.

Calando Panels’ versatility is evident in their range of options. Available in four different thicknesses and three captivating colours, Calando Panels allow you to customise your acoustic solution precisely according to your space’s unique requirements. This flexibility ensures you can achieve the desired sound absorption levels while maintaining attractive aesthetics.

What’s more, Calando Panels can be further personalised when you integrate Calando Fabric or images to create a unique and tailored look for your space. For more information on this exceptional product and its customisation possibilities, please see our detailed guide on Custom Calando Panels.

Results achieved by Avenue

It’s fair to say the results achieved by Avenue Interior Systems exceeded our client’s expectations! In fact, our client’s CEO offered some detailed testimonials about Avenue’s acoustic improvements to the boardroom.

According to the CEO, integrating Calando Panels into the boardroom has transformed the meeting experience. The previously poor sound quality that hindered effective communication during web-based meetings has been significantly improved. The Calando Panels have effectively absorbed excess reverberation, reducing echoes and enhancing the clarity of speech.

The CEO noted that participants in web-based meetings can now hear and understand each other clearly, even when multiple people are speaking simultaneously. Installing black Calando Panels behind the TV and white Calando Panels on the ceiling seamlessly blended with the boardroom’s overall design.

The Avenue team’s expertise in developing a tailored plan and their effective communication with the client ensured that the room’s architectural features were preserved while achieving the desired sound absorption. The CEO expressed gratitude for Avenue Interior Systems’ professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering exceptional results.

The end result? Using Calando Panels in the boardroom has created a more productive and efficient meeting environment, allowing staff to focus on their discussions without any distractions from poor sound quality. The project’s success showcases Avenue Interior Systems’ ability to provide effective acoustic solutions while maintaining a space’s aesthetics.

For more solutions to acoustic concerns for your office, contact the team today on 1300 827 177.

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