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Noise and your Coffee Shop

Create a more comfortable experience for your customers

Australia’s love affair with coffee doesn’t look like a trend that is going to end any time soon. New coffee shops are popping up in nooks and crannies daily, in cities and suburbs right across the country.

Competition has never been greater. Which means that, in addition to serving the best coffee, cakes and cookies, café owners must provide the best environment for their customer to enjoy their food, beverages and experience.

A comfortable café environment includes:

  • The right lighting
  • Comfortable seating
  • Charging stations
  • Wi-Fi, and
  • Noise control.

Why noise control is so important for cafés

Noise control in coffee shops used to be all about preserving the customer experience when chatting to their friends or the barrister. Today, coffee shops are so much more than a place to eat and drink. In many venues, you will find customers sipping their beverage while on a Zoom call, talking to clients, writing content, or sending emails.

Owning a coffee shop is no longer just about serving the best coffee in town. Now, the café owner must consider noise control, thinking about conversations amongst patrons as well as making their space comfortable for the writer in the corner or the manager on a video call. 

Case study: Hospitality noise control solutions from Avenue

Avenue Interior Systems worked with Pump Coffee to help solve their noise control concern. The café had regulars who had told the managers they would no longer dine in due to the din they were experiencing.

Customers changing their behaviour can lead to a downturn in business. People may start with taking their order away, but eventually, they may find another venue that’s more comfortable for them – and they won’t come back.

To solve this challenge, Avenue supplied and installed absorptive Calando Panels on the ceiling and one wall to reduce excess noise. Made from recyclable polyester, Calando Panels are lightweight, semi-rigid, impact-resistant, and incredibly durable. They have high levels of sound absorption while allowing aesthetic appeal for any application.

As part of the solution, the Avenue team made sure that the ceiling panels blended into the ceiling, supplying white Calando Panels. By contrast, the wall panels were brown to match the café’s couches and create a decorative statement.

How to address your café’s noise concerns

Solving noise control concerns in your café doesn’t need to be complicated. A four-step process is all that you need:

  1. Call Avenue Interior Systems on 1300 827 177
  2. We will work with you to determine if you require an AcousTech assessment or site visit, or we may ask you to send some photos and dimensions of the space.
  3. You approve your solution, and
  4. Avenue will supply and install.

Solutions we may recommend for your restaurant include:

  • Calando Panel – a customisable and stylish acoustic panel option, Calando Panel can be plain, wrapped in coloured fabric, or even printed to make acoustic artwork!
  • Calando Booth – a small sound absorbing booth for people who want to experience the café’s atmosphere, but maintain some privacy for their workspace. The booth comes in three easy to assemble pieces, and is available in a variety of colour options to match your décor.
  • ECOArch – an aesthetic, on-trend sound-absorbing panel for ceilings or walls, ECOArch is designed not to blend in! Instead, it adds a decorative element to your café furnishings while controlling reverberant noise.

Talk to Avenue about soundproofing solutions for your venue The team at Avenue Interior Systems understand the evolving café space. We can provide you with a variety of solutions for your niche of the market.

For more information on any noise control products, call the Avenue team on 1300 827 177