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Recyclable Calando Panels Create a more Comfortable Café Environment

How Avenue helped Pump Coffee entice customers to return

A local favourite, Pump Coffee in Toowoomba proudly state that, “If ‘coffee & cake’ is your preference, then our sweets cabinet is for you!” Naturally, they want their customers to have a warm and friendly experience when visiting them to enjoy tasty food at a reasonable price. Yet they faced a challenge.

The challenge

Many of the café’s older customers struggled with the level of reverberation in the space, to the point where many stopped frequenting the venue as it was simply too hard for them to hear.

Clearly Pump Coffee needed a solution for this reverberation concern which would improve the venue’s comfort and prompt customers to return.

The Avenue Solution

Thanks to Avenue Interior Systems’ expertise in designing acoustic solutions, we were able to deliver the perfect solution for Pump Coffee. We recommended and installed our premium 100% recyclable Calando Panels on the café’s ceiling and one wall to reduce the excess noise.

Made from 100% recyclable polyester, our Calando Panel is lightweight, semi-rigid, impact-resistant and incredibly durable. These qualities ensure it offers high levels of sound absorption, while offering aesthetic appeal for any hospitality application.

The Avenue team made sure to design a solution where the white ceiling panels blended into the ceiling. By contrast, the wall panels were brown to match the café’s couches and create a decorative statement.

About our 100% recyclable Calando Panels

Calando Panels are our premium sound solution for both wall and ceiling applications. They are engineered for superior sound absorption and balanced acoustic design. Avenue can provide a custom design to suit your specific needs, including an image or design as a detail on the acoustic panel.

100% recyclable Calando Panels:

  • Provide premium acoustic performance.
  • Offer complete design flexibility with custom printing.
  • Are available in various thickness options.
  • Are manufactured using a minimum of 45% already recycled material.
  • Offer long-term stability and performance thanks to their high durability.
  • Are safe, non-toxic, non-irritant and non-allergenic.
  • Are resistant to fading.

Available for a range of applications, Calando Panels provide high-performance acoustics for commercial sound control. Their sophisticated appeal makes them ideal for use as office partition panelling, suspended or direct fixed feature for ceilings, wall coverings, or as a decorative feature with custom cut and printing options.

Results Achieved by Avenue

The installation of the panels has addressed Pump Coffee’s issue with too much noise in their café. The Calando Panels have improved comfort for patrons, allowing for conversations to be held once again in the cafe.   

The owner of Pump Coffee was thrilled with Avenue’s solution, telling us, “Very impressed. The wall panels blend in well with the surroundings, and the treatment has made a noticeable difference. Problem solved!”

For more information on Calando Panels for your hospitality venue, contact the team today on

1300 827 177.

We look forward to Designing Your Silence.