Music Room

School music rooms tend to house a combination of theory and practical work. Sometimes teaching methods occur simultaneously. The combination of practical and theory can cause harm to the teacher and hinder learning for the student. Why? Because the teacher will need to exert more energy to communicate their message to the student, leading to exhaustion and illness. The students will need to spend more time focusing on hearing the teacher as opposed to the information being conveyed, leading to potential misunderstanding of the content.

Students, especially those younger than 13 years of age, have an undeveloped sense of hearing. This means background noise impacts their hearing, comprehending, and learning more than adults. It is important to ensure acoustics in the classroom are optimal especially those younger than 13 years of age.

Avenue Interior Systems products are very successful in this type of application. Our wall and ceiling panels are designed specifically for acoustic control in a classroom.


A group of preschool children in a music class.


Acoustic solutions for Thomas Reddall High School Sound-absorbing Calando Panels - Thomas Reddall High School
Music lessons - a combination of practical and theory Primary School music class
Music classroom A music room can have theory and practical in the once space

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