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How acoustic panels work to eliminate noise pollution

Enhance your space with sound-absorbing panels

Excessive noise is common in many settings, including shopping centres, classrooms, offices, and reception areas. When sound bounces off these locations’ hard surfaces (such as walls, floors, or ceilings), it creates an echo effect known as reverberation. This can cause increased stress, difficulty concentrating, and general annoyance.

One excellent solution to reduce or eliminate unwanted noise is installing sound-absorbing products – such as incorporating noise-absorbing panels into the space or room that needs them. Acoustic sound panels can be installed on most hard wall or ceiling surfaces, and fabric-covered acoustic panels, such as Calando acoustic panels, are a common solution to noise pollution.

Here’s how acoustic panels work as an efficient way to reduce reverberation.

A highly effective noise control solution

While sound absorption panels, such as Calando acoustic panels, are designed to absorb sound right across the frequency spectrum, they are particularly effective at absorbing voice frequencies. This makes them ideal for use in commercial settings.

The thickness of the acoustic panel will vary depending on the type or volume of noise to be absorbed. Calando acoustic panels are available in thicknesses ranging from 25 mm to 100 mm. Thicker panels are usually required to absorb lower-frequency sound waves with higher energy, while sound waves at voice frequencies can usually be treated with 25 mm or 50 mm thick panels.

Acoustic panels mean noise control needn’t be boring!

Calando acoustic panels come in various fabric finishes, including a wide range of standard colours (white, grey and black), and can even be overprinted as art panels. Installing Calando acoustic panels of the appropriate thickness onto walls or ceilings absorbs unwanted sound, significantly improving comfort and creating a calmer, more relaxing environment for those who occupy the space, whether they’re staff, workers, or visitors.

Talk to Avenue about acoustic panels to enhance your space

If you need assistance choosing sound-absorbing panels, including decorative fabrics, finishes, correct thicknesses, and the panel area required to achieve satisfactory results, please contact Avenue Interior Systems. Our acoustics specialists will be happy to help!

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We’ve included a short YouTube video to show the difference sound-absorbing panels can make.