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Industrial and commercial noise control solutions for business

How experts create safer, more comfortable work environments

Controlling noise is a critical consideration in many (or most) Australian industries and commercial spaces. Excessive noise in these settings can lead to a wide array of problems, both for workers and for customers.

Fortunately, noise control specialists are expertly equipped to tackle this issue, employing various methods tailored to the specific type of noise that needs to be controlled.

Noise control for industrial settings

Industrial noise control reduces noise from heavy machinery and other industrial processes. This is crucial, since loud noise can not only cause harm to workers but can also be a nuisance (or worse) to those who live or work in the surrounding area.

Industrial noise control experts use a range of methods to reduce noise, such as constructing soundproof walls or employing specialised materials that are designed to absorb sound. And crucially, they always adhere to rigorous safety standards to protect industrial workers.

Noise control for commercial environments

By contrast, commercial noise control is an entirely different matter. This type of noise control minimises noise in offices, classrooms, and public buildings to create a calm and comfortable environment for employees, students, and visitors.

Commercial noise control can be achieved through the use of sound-absorbing materials and the strategic rearrangement of furniture to block out noise. Importantly, commercial noise control experts always ensure that they follow local noise ordinances and regulations designed to limit the amount of noise permissible in certain areas.

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Controlling noise is essential across many industries and commercial spaces in Australia. By engaging with noise control experts who deeply understand the various types of noise and how to mitigate them, businesses can create safer and more comfortable working environments.

If you require assistance with industrial or commercial noise control, Avenue’s experts can provide you with tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

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