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How to improve a wedding venue’s acoustics

Does your venue have what it takes to ensure a stress-free celebration?

Wedding days are one of the most exciting – yet stressful – times of a couple’s life together. There is so much to be decided in advance, and picking the venue is as important as the vows!

Popular wedding venues book out years in advance. But what separates a popular wedding venue from its less popular counterpart? Potential customers will weight up your venue in terms of its:

  • Location
  • Aesthetics
  • Venue size and
  • Acoustics

While the first three may be reasonably obvious, as a venue owner, you might not realise that the happy couple will definitely be assessing you on number four: acoustics. When they are looking at your venue, they are thinking:

  • “Will our vows be heard?”
  • “Will the band disrupt the neighbours?” – i.e., “Will we have to stop the party early?”
  • “Will Nanna be able to talk to Uncle Bob without raising her voice?”

These are all are valid questions and essential to the bride and groom. So how can you help mitigate these concerns and ensure you remain a popular wedding location? Simple! Ensure your venue is an acoustically comfortable space with the best noise control options available.

Ensuring a comfortable celebration for everyone

Of course, most weddings will feature a variety of guests. Some guests may not have seen each other in years and want to have a long, detailed catch-up. Others will want to let loose and boogie the night away on the dance floor! With the help of good internal acoustics, your venue will allow all guests to enjoy the wedding. Here are some key points to think about.

1) Noise compliance

If your wedding venue is in the middle of nowhere, noise compliance is not necessarily a key component. Yet if your wedding venue is near residences, noise compliance is crucial. The correct application of acoustic solutions will contain an event’s noise within the venue’s boundaries, reducing disruption.

2) Room layout

Setting up the layout of your reception is fun… or at least, it should be! Key components of the bride and groom’s suitable design are where the dance floor will go, who will be stuck in a corner with Great Aunty Karen, and will Nanna be too close to the band?

Soft surfaces absorb sound, creating a less reverberant space. This allows all guests to enjoy the wedding and the happy couple to choose their ideal layout without worrying too much about noise.

3) Band, DJ, or Spotify?

Another big decision is the music options available to the bride and groom. Will they have a band, a DJ, or use Spotify? Does the room have enough space for their selection, and are the venue’s acoustics set up to cater for any variety? To avoid booming echoes or feedback, install a sound-absorptive wall to create a softer, more absorbent space.

4) Wedding venue aesthetics

Most brides and grooms choose a venue because of how it looks and whether it suits their personalities. When considering your wedding location’s acoustics, ensure you complement your facilities features with the right acoustic panels. Some options blend into the existing décor or make a statement piece – such as acoustic art.

Talk to Avenue about wedding venue soundproofing

To ensure you stay as one of the popular wedding locations, make sure your space has the best acoustic options available.

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