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How to make school assemblies quieter and more productive

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School assemblies are an important part of the educational experience, serving as a valuable opportunity to bring together students, teachers, and staff. However, ensuring that these gatherings are productive and peaceful can be challenging. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to help make school assemblies quieter and more engaging.

Try these eight tips for better school assemblies

First and foremost, establishing clear expectations for student behaviour and noise level is crucial. Teachers can achieve this using various methods, such as announcements, posters, and reminders. Emphasizing that assemblies are intended for learning and that disruptive conduct will not be accepted can set the tone for a productive gathering.

Assigning seating can be a useful strategy for reducing noise during assemblies. This helps prevent students from conversing with their friends or moving around too much. This can also mean that teachers can better monitor their students and address any behavioural problems that may arise.


Incorporating interactive elements is another valuable strategy for keeping students engaged during school assemblies. Activities such as polls, quizzes, or group exercises that require active participation can keep students focused and interested in the topic being discussed.

Using visual aids such as slideshows, videos, and props can be an effective way to convey information and keep students engaged. Just be sure that any visuals used are clear and visible from all parts of the room.

Breaking up the assembly into shorter segments or focusing on specific topics helps keep students engaged and attentive throughout the event. This is especially useful for students who struggle to sit through long assemblies without becoming restless or distracted.

Using a microphone can help ensure everyone can hear and understand the speaker. A mic can also help reduce background noise and distractions, making it easier for students to pay attention to the speaker.

Providing a quiet space where students can take a break if they become overwhelmed or overstimulated during assemblies can also be beneficial. This could be a specific room or area where they can unwind and recharge before rejoining the assembly.

Finally, improving the assembly space’s acoustics can make a significant difference in ensuring a peaceful and productive assembly. Using acoustic tiles or ceiling treatments can help reduce excessive noise, and angling walls can help reflect soundwaves differently and avoid flutter echoes. Adding acoustic treatments such as Avenue Interior Systems’ baffles and panels can enhance not only the sound but also the aesthetics of your space.

Talk to Avenue about reducing noise in education spaces

Implementing these eight strategies can make school assemblies more engaging, productive, and peaceful. Creating a supportive environment that encourages student engagement and establishing clear expectations can help make school assemblies an enjoyable and beneficial experience for all involved.

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