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Elevate your space with timber acoustic panels

Introducing the Calando Timber experience

Interior design involves balancing aesthetics and functionality, and sound quality is a central aspect of this balance. Introducing Calando Timber, a distinctive set of timber acoustic panels that provide exceptional acoustic performance while also enhancing the visual appeal of any space. With Calando Timber acoustic panels, form and function combine seamlessly to provide the ideal acoustic experience.

Why choose timber acoustic panels?

Offering a versatile acoustic solution, Calando Timber stands out with its unique features:

  • Its adaptable channel and clip system allows for effortless customisation. Whether you choose the Calando Timber Panel, Raft, Batten, or Panel variant, each component is meticulously designed to seamlessly blend into diverse interior environments, transforming them into acoustic masterpieces.
  • Calando Timber empowers you with complete control over height, spacing, and positioning. These timber acoustic panels offer tailor-made solutions to suit the unique specifications of any space. This flexibility ensures that Calando Timber isn’t just a passive addition but an integral part of the design narrative, enhancing both aesthetics and acoustics.
  • Lightweight construction meets enduring durability. Crafted from 100% polyester fibre, Calando Timber acoustic panels’ composition not only ensures longevity, but also contributes to exceptional acoustic performance. Engineered with precision, Calando Timber acoustic panels are finely tuned to cater to a broad spectrum of frequencies, delivering custom acoustic absorption that elevates any space.

Let’s delve into the composition and specifications of Calando Timber acoustic panels.

Timber acoustic panels composition

  • Crafted from 100% polyester fibre, ensuring eco-friendliness and superior performance.
  • Enhanced with an aluminium channel for secure fixing, providing stability and longevity.


Panel dimensions

  • Standard panel dimensions of 2400mm, with customisable lengths available to meet diverse spatial requirements.


  • Available in three thickness options: 12mm, 24mm, and 25mm, offering versatility in acoustic performance and aesthetic preferences.

Sound absorption (NRC)

  • Boasting a sound absorption coefficient of 0.45 to 0.85, Calando Timber acoustic panels deliver exceptional acoustic performance across various frequencies, ensuring a harmonious auditory experience.

Talk to Avenue about timber acoustic panels for your workplace

When adorning the walls of corporate boardrooms like at Flexshield, Calando Timber acoustic panels stand as a testament to the fusion of form and function. Their innovative design and superior acoustic capabilities elevate interior environments to new heights, creating spaces where sound becomes art and design becomes an experience.

Calando Timber acoustic panels aren’t just a solution; they’re a symphony of design and functionality, harmonising aesthetics and performance seamlessly. Embrace the transformative power of Calando Timber and immerse yourself in a world where every space resonates with beauty and serenity.

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