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Decorative acoustic panels, combining art with function

5 ways Custom Calando Panels transform spaces and elevate experiences

When you’re designing a space, whether it’s a classroom, cafe, or waiting room, it’s important to find a balance between functionality and aesthetics. The objective should be to create spaces that are both visually appealing and practical.

Decorative acoustic panels such as Custom Calando Panels are a versatile solution that combines artistry with acoustic performance, making it an ideal choice for achieving both these objectives.

Here are five reasons why designers and architects are choosing to use decorative acoustic panels in their designs.

1) A customisable noise control solution

What distinguishes the decorative acoustic panel (Custom Calando Panel) from its standard counterpart? While the acoustic properties may seem similar, the real magic lies in the unique customisation options offered by the decorative acoustic panel. This feature empowers you to bring your creative vision to life, inspiring innovative and personalised designs.

Imagine being able to imprint your favourite photograph, a cherished logo, or intricate textures onto an acoustic panel. It means these panels are no longer mere background fixtures – they become focal points, enhancing the visual appeal of any space.

For instance, you could adorn the walls of a corporate boardroom with a large-scale company logo, or create a calming atmosphere in a medical facility with a nature-inspired photograph. Decorative acoustic panels can be tailored to suit any design concept – the possibilities are endless!

2) Environmentally friendly decorative acoustic panels

Avenue’s decorative acoustic panels are not just about aesthetics and functionality. They are crafted from sound-absorbing materials such as polyester, with a minimum of 45% recycled polyester fibre sourced from PET bottle flakes. This eco-conscious design is a testament to our commitment to sustainability, a feature that you can proudly showcase in your projects.

3) Outstanding noise control performance

The decorative acoustic panel is not just about aesthetics, but also about performance. It boasts impressive sound absorption capabilities, with a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) ranging from 0.85 to 1.00. In simpler terms, this means that these panels effectively reduce echo and noise, creating environments that are conducive to productivity, focus, and comfort.

4) Virtually unlimited choice of design

What truly sets Custom Calando Panels apart is their ability to seamlessly integrate art into an acoustic solution. Whether you’re looking to enhance the aesthetics of a space, or imbue it with corporate branding, the customisation options are virtually limitless. From sleek minimalist designs to vibrant, eye-catching graphics, each panel becomes a canvas for self-expression and creativity.

5) A versatile, fully integrated noise control solution  

Of course, the versatility of our decorative acoustic panels extends beyond walls. They can also be seamlessly integrated into ceilings – which offers designers and architects a comprehensive toolkit to sculpt any environment’s auditory and visual landscape. This versatility gives you the confidence to create unique and impactful designs.

Talk to Avenue about decorative acoustic panels for your workplace

When you want to create a space where form meets function, the decorative acoustic panel (Custom Calando Panel) emerges as a beacon of innovation: a testament to the power of design to transform spaces and elevate experiences.

By seamlessly merging art with acoustics, it not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of interiors but also fosters environments where sound is harnessed, sculpted, and, ultimately, harmonised with the human experience. With decorative acoustic panels, you can create spaces that are not only visually stunning but also promote productivity, focus, and comfort.

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