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Avenue’s Custom Calando Panel Solution for Brisbane School of Theology

Avenue’s custom Calando Panels helped Brisbane School of Theology overcome acoustical challenges, creating a conducive teaching environment.

The Challenge

Brisbane School of Theology, an 80-year-old inter-denominational Bible college, faced an acoustical challenge in their rectangular lecture room with high ceilings and predominantly hard surfaces. The excessive reverberation hindered teaching and learning experiences for both staff and students.

The Avenue Solution

After comprehending the challenge faced by the client, Avenue communicated effectively and cooperated with the Brisbane School of Theology. The Avenue team created models of potential solutions based on the dimensions and photos of the room.

The Avenue team worked closely with the client throughout the process. The Brisbane School of Theology actively participated in the aesthetic design process and chose the colours and artwork for the custom Calando Panels to ensure the solution aligned with their vision.

Avenue suggested a comprehensive solution that included custom colour-faced 25mm Calando Panels for the walls, creating a visually appealing feature, and white 25mm Calando Panels for the ceiling to address the reverberation issue effectively.

Calando Panels use a highly advanced acoustic polyester for maximum sound absorption on walls or ceiling surfaces.

Calando Panel can also be customised with Calando Fabric or images for a more personalised look.

Avenue provided prompt service, starting from the initial enquiry to proposal submission, order placement, delivery, and installation, ensuring the project’s timely completion.

Results Achieved by Avenue

The implementation of Avenue’s solution significantly reduced sound reflections in the lecture room, creating a more comfortable and conducive environment for teaching and learning activities.

Brisbane School of Theology immediately experienced the benefits of the solution, with reduced reverberation enhancing the functionality of the space. Additionally, the aesthetic enhancement brought about by the Calando Panels revitalised the room’s appearance.

Beyond immediate benefits, Avenue’s solution is expected to contribute to increased productivity and improved well-being among staff and students over time, fostering a more positive educational environment.

Avenue’s solution’s success is evident in the satisfaction expressed by the Brisbane School of Theology. Their active involvement in the process and positive feedback affirm the solution’s effectiveness in meeting their needs.

“I really appreciated the clear communication and willingness of the Avenue staff to work through ideas to come up with a great outcome. They were particularly helpful in coming up with creative responses and ideas to gain a good-looking and practical outcome.

I was very happy with the prompt service as well as the creative options that were made available to us. We are really happy with the outcome of the install. It is both aesthetic and great at reducing the sound deflection.”

Avenue’s collaborative and customised approach to addressing Brisbane School of Theology’s acoustical challenge resulted in a successful outcome. By delivering a tailored solution that effectively mitigated sound reflections while enhancing the room’s aesthetic appeal, Avenue demonstrated its ability to meet client requirements and exceed expectations. The positive feedback from Brisbane School of Theology underscores Avenue’s commitment to delivering practical and aesthetically pleasing solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs.

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